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Swipecart Review

Swipecart. It’s the sport of the future, according to Micro Factory Games, and it’s one I’m happy to get behind on ground level.


Swipecart is instantly likeable with a smart pixelated look and kicking soundtrack. It also makes friends with you by having the least annoying sign up process I’ve experienced – literally just pick a name and you’re away. The game itself is a simple 2d side-view of a mine track which your cart barrels along. You gather speed by swiping back and forth at the start, then brake accordingly by touching anywhere, although doing either action too vigorously makes your cart overheat and go haywire. Completing the course means building up the correct amount of speed, then applying the right amount of brake. Very simple indeed, but fiendish when it plays out thanks to awkwardly placed see-saws, timed barriers, etc.


As a swipecart racer, you accumulate fans which push you up the league of real-world players, and earning you the admiration of your peers. You also gather jewels which can be traded in for cash to supplement your winnings – all this gets spent on jazzing up your cart and clothes.

What interested me most about Swipecart was the track creation system: you can create and post new tracks to torment other players, or download their creations to try out. They’re a devilishly creative bunch, too. In practice, the level editor is pretty annoying to work with, as there’s no ‘snap-to’ feature. You’re left with a pretty disjointed track which has to be meticulously fiddled with for it to work in-game, so although it’s a neat idea, future updates should improve the engine.


Swipecart is one of those deceptively simple games that gets under your skin with the old ‘one more go’ factor. It’s especially satisfying when you’ve wiggled your finger just enough and tapped just right to make everything fall into place for a win. As the game itself points out at one point, it’s no-one’s fault but your own if you miss time a falling barrier. Thanks for that…

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Swipecart Review JC Richardson


Summary: Addictive gameplay with no IAPs makes Swipecart well worthy of your time and change. A few tweaks to the level editor are all that's needed to make this a top-flight game.


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