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Tiny Dice Dungeon Review

Springloaded’s Tiny Dice Dungeon is like a cute, naughty little puppy. You just can’t stay mad with it, even if it poops in your shoe.

Aww, who’s a good little game? You are, Tiny! Yes, you are….

Tiny Dice Dungeon (TDD) is a deceptively simple game, with a linear adventure that has you visiting locations to kill monsters, rescuing villagers to open up new features at home, and of course collecting gold and items. Monsters can also be captured, Pokemon style, to add to your party too.


Despite its gorgeous 8-bit exterior, there’s a seriously vicious combat system at the heart of TDD which involves rolling dice repeatedly to accumulate damage, which you then unleash the various monsters. Roll a single ‘one’, though, and you fluff your attack and hit for zero. As you level up, you unlock more dice which means more damage. It’s so simple you could laugh if it wasn’t so fiendish – stack up a few dozen damage in a boss fight, only to lose it all on the next throw and you’ll see exactly how infuriating it can be. Rolling more times is more risky, but the rewards are greater, and the chance of rolling a one still looms over you. You’re lucky you’re so cute, Tiny…


As you rescue villagers from the monsters new options become available at home, such as a sanctuary to organise your monster pals, a shop for items and a mine which lets you craft new, more powerful dice. These can multiply your damage, or add other effects to your attacks, which is neat. There are also ‘capture dice’ which allow you to grab monsters for your party through a mini game. There’s an awful lot packed in here for sure, and you just keep finding new features with every session. There’s even multiplayer, which has you fighting other players for trophy dice which advance you up the leader board.

Good Tiny.

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Tiny Dice Dungeon Review JC Richardson


Summary: Tiny Dice Dungeon looks gorgeous and packs a lot of gameplay into a small package. Yes, the battles can be infuriatingly random, but the monsters probably bitch about that too.


Tiny but huge

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  • I am falling in love with this game, and will probably be adding it to my top games list for Android.

  • JC Richardson

    Yeah, the devs have put so much work into this. Spread the love my friend!

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