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Godzilla – Smash 3 Lumbers Into Town

It’s been a notable month for wasted franchises, what with Warhammer fans getting slapped in the face, and now Kaiju fans can feel indignant too.  Yes, Rogue Play Inc have unleashed a fifty story high turkey in the form of Godzilla – Smash 3, another franchise game that entirely misses the point.


Controlling Godzilla is all about matching rows of symbols to cause damage to the military vehicles that try half-heartedly to get in your way.  You do this repeatedly until the level is over.  Some of the tiles are atomic symbols, which eventually let you unleash your atomic breath – and here’s the crux of the matter.  Godzilla is traditionally quite powerful: a force of nature with unimaginable strength and endurance.  So, it’s quite surprising to see the beast struggling to swat a few tanks or boats.  There’s just no sense of ‘power’ here – in fact, watching Godzilla feebly bat at the enemy is risible.


You can slowly power up as the levels progress, assuming you don’t slip into a vegetative state first.  The levels are so mind-numbingly repetetive that you’ll actually feel bored playing as Godzilla.  Somehow, Rogue Play have made that scenario possible.  No doubt Godzilla – Match 3 will forge its way up the Play charts on the back of the movie, which by all accounts is pretty good, but any serious gamer will struggle to find a reason to keep this installed.

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Godzilla – Smash 3 Lumbers Into Town JC Richardson


Summary: An appalling misuse of a beloved character, combined with vacuous gameplay. Avoid.



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