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Nightfall Lands Review

Pandula Peter, developer, asks an interesting question in his description of Nightfall Lands: ‘Have you ever wanted to play a simple fantasy role-playing game without the overcomplicated background stories or the confusing skill point systems?’.  To be honest, Pandula, the answer is a resounding ‘no’.  Let me explain why.


Nightfall Lands is a rather gentle isometric RPG which has you wandering around a surprisingly large fantasy world where your home village has been destroyed, leaving you on a vague revenge ‘quest’.  You level up your character in the usual way, through side quests and monster-slaying, and you can pick up gold, quest items and such too.  This is all well and good, but since skill points are ‘confusing’, you have literally no say in your character’s development beyond picking a class.  My six year old nephew can work out skill points and builds.  If you genuinely can’t deal with skills in RPG’s, you absolutely shouldn’t be playing RPG’s.

The Nightfall Lands game world is (as mentioned) fairly large for an indie RPG, but the actual game will only last you a few hours.  Not that you’ll be bored, as there’s a mini-game throughout where you have to click an ‘X’ every minute or so to remove a full screen advertisement for a  personality test-slash-spam distributor.  It’s a highly persistant mini-game, demanding your constant attention, and to be honest it makes the actual campaign feel a bit ‘tagged-on’.  Clicking that ‘X’ is pretty tricky, and on balance, more rewarding than the questing.  For some reason you can give the developer money to remove this feature, which technically shortens the game somewhat.  The quests, by the way, are the standard fare.  Bring me five apples, kill five of those things, stare into middle distance for a few seconds because you suspect the ad’s about to appear again.


Graphically, the game keeps things simple with a mix of mostly green and brown, with the denizens of the world lovingly crafted in leaky felt tip pen.  Luckily, the vivid purple menus liven things up a bit, and that ad’s pretty colourful too.

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Nightfall Lands Review JC Richardson


Summary: Plodding, simplistic gameplay, uninspired visuals and simply no character to speak of. Nightfall Lands is, without doubt, one of the worst games I've ever played.


Nightmare Lands

User Rating: 3.8 (4 votes)

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  • Pandula Péter

    Hi! 🙂 I’m sorry that you didn’t like the game, unfortunately I can’t really argue with your points. Thanks for taking the time to play and write about it!

    Nightfall Lands is the Android remake of my first game from years before. Now I can see many problems with it too but at the time it felt good to create something from scratch (music, graphics, etc. were all done by me) and I just wanted to share it.

    The full-screen ads were introduced in an update just a few days ago, I obviously overused them so thanks for pointing that out, this will be fixed.

    • Hi Pandula! Thanks for being such a good sport about it. Being able to take criticism constructively is a good quality to have as a developer! Thought you might like to know we’ve incorporated a user rating system into our reviews so readers can now score your game too!

    • JC Richardson

      Thanks for replying, Pandula. I tip my hat to you!

  • jonas nielsen

    Honestly, this is a terrible review

    What i’m getting from this is that while the game is uninspired most of your disdain comes from the ingame ads. At least judging by the amount of space dedicated to them

    So he overdid the ads. Could have been a mistake or lack of experience but at any rate i fail to see how this warrants 1 star. If it is in fact one of the worst games you’ve ever played then you haven’t played a lot of games. Either that or you’re exaggerating which is unfortunate

    Maybe spend a little less time whining about the ads and a little more time reviewing the actual game?

    And good on you Pandula Peter for taking this review in stride

    • JC Richardson

      Thanks for your input, Jonas. I also complained about the lack of character development, boring quests and horrific graphics, so there’s that too. And yes, good on Pandula for being a sport!

      • jonas nielsen

        Yes you did mention these other things but if you take a look at your review, the complaining about the ads takes up a huge chunk of it leaving very little space for an actual review of the game

        So lack of character development and run of the mill quests means this is one of the worst games you’ve ever played?

        I must reiterate that either you haven’t played a lot of games or you’re exaggerating

        Now, the reason why i’m still beating this horse is because i like this site and feel it could be a nice supplement to the few other trustworthy android games sites out there (most sites still focusing almost exclusively on IOS) so it pains me to see a questionable review like this

        Anyway, thanks for your reply

        • JC Richardson

          Well, in 28 years of gaming (from Acorn to Android) I’ve learned that we’re all entitled to our opinion, and thanks for contributing yours Jonas.

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