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Splashy Slime Video Review

When it comes to designing the controls for a side scrolling platformer on Android, there are generally two approaches you see taken by game developers. While most games in the genre are ultra basic one touch affairs where the most challenge comes from not dying of boredom, the rest are old school style titles that essentially play like a controller’s been glued to the screen. As well meaning as these games are, it’s simply impossible to have fun playing anything like Super Mario Bros or Super Meat Boy when something so fundamental as the controls don’t respond intuitively. But every now and then though there comes along a special game that manages to absolutely nail the feeling of playing a platformer like on the NES. With its tight controls, smooth gameplay, and difficult yet fair level design, Splashy Slime is one such game.


Created by indie developer ParanoiaX, this addicting sidescroller successfully balances the gameplay and controls of an old school platformer together in such a way that neither aspect feels compromised because of the other. Splashy Slime is by no means an easy game, you’ll die in this game more times than you can count, but gamers looking for a good platformer that provides a worthy challenge but doesn’t feel cheap will find that Splashy Slime is one nostalgic piece of awesome. The level designs are well polished, the action feels smooth, and even though at times you’ll feel like throwing your phone against the wall you’ll still know it’s your fault you died on level 19 for the 212th time in a row and not the games.

Splashy Slime adopts a “if it aint broke don’t fix it” approach to its gameplay and it works well. Players control an adorably gross ball of slime as he rolls and leaps his way through 30 hard as nails 2D levels spread out across 3 different worlds. All you have to do to clear each level is get to the end without dying but that’s easier said than done when the entire way there is filled with giant flying buzzsaws, bottomless chasms, and oversized spikes that would put Mortal Kombat to shame.


The object of the game is to keep your slime alive by tapping the screen to make him jump as he autoruns through each level, which you would think would be counter-intuitive since it’s been done many times before and rarely works out well but here it’s actually implemented really well and it’s all thanks to a simple yet massively important tweak. Slimy’s jump length is determined by how long players hold down on the screen which allows for alot of precision and means there’s always a way out of every situation, if you’re good enough. In those times when your mad as hell swearing at your screen in frustration, it’s still feels good to know that you can always get better with practice.


The graphics aren’t the greatest but they’re definitely still passable considering this was designed to be a retro style game. One thing I would definitely like to see in future updates would be more slime animations to up the games personality. It would be great to see your character leave behind a trail of slime everywhere he goes in addition to the stuff that splashes off him when he jumps. Even better, have him be able to stick to walls in some fashion but that’s more wishful thinking as it wouldn’t work with the games playstyle. Splashy Slime’s Google Play store description boasts a “mindblowing chiptune soundtrack”, but oddly enough even though its trailer has a pretty cool song this game only has one short annoying song that you’ll hear continuously on loop for the whole 30 levels. I’m not kidding when I say it’s annoying. This song will have you instantly turning the games volume off as soon as you start the game.

Splashy Slime is a completely free game with ads, there is only one in app purchase which is to remove the ads for 99 cents. It doesn’t really feel necessary to do that at all to be honest, the ads are extremely infrequent and thankfully only show up once every time you’ve beaten a few levels. That means that all those hundreds of times you restart the level you’ll never once see an ad popup so it feels very reasonable.

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Splashy Slime Video Review Craig Forshey


Summary: There are alot of Android platformers out there vying for your attention but most don't get it right. Splashy Slime is not one of those games.



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