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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #46

Welcome to the SGD Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, our weekly tribute to the best new indie games to make their way onto Android! Our dedicated editorial team spends all week tirelessly scouring every nook and cranny of the net in order to bring you this comprehensive guide to the coolest new indie games available on Android. And after tons of playthroughs and making a few difficult decisions, we’ve come up with a list of 25 awesome new indie Android games for you to check out below! And when we say awesome we mean awesome, every game on this list has been personally vetted and recommended by a top SGD staff member.

Be sure to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page too. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!


2.Pi.Roll from Thibaud Reygner

A completely free indie platformer with no ads or iap’s, 2.Pi.Roll is one of those hidden gems that’s so good you can’t believe it isn’t a paid game. The concept is deceptively simple, players control a virtual mathematician as he continuously chases a Pi symbol around a sphere, but the way it’s been implemented in a “balls to the walls” type manner makes it feel unique and action packed. As players pursue Pi around the sphere, the dastardly decimal will drop tons of nasty fractals to impede your progress alongside errant numerals that can help you reach a high score. If you’re a glutton for hard games, definitely give 2.Pi.Roll a spin!



Afternoon Hero from Pompi Pompi

Afternoon Hero is a 2D sidescrolling platformer that meshes together several different genres into one unique experience. You’ve a game that’s part dodge ’em, part beat ’em-up, and part survival platformer as well! You’ll be running, jumping, and knocking the living daylights out of any and all punks that get between and your recently kidnapped dog. Do you have what it takes to bring your little pup home safely?

afternoonhero1 afternoonhero2


Blazin’ Aces from Red Dot Lab

Blazin’ Aces is a fantastic retro throwback to classic arcade 2D aerial dogfighting games. You find yourself in command as an ace pilot in WII who has just one goal: destroying any and all of the invading forces. This game is an easy one to pick up and play for short bursts or long play sessions, and thanks to its easy to learn controls and ever challenging gameplay you’re sure to come back to it time and time again. Blazin’ Aces is an absolute must have game for all arcade gaming fanatics!

blazinangels1 blazinangels2


Bleeding Edge from Spielhaus

Bleeding Edge is an ultra fast-paced survival action game that throws you into the terrifying life of a lone samurai. This guy must have done something pretty bad to have so many sword wielding baddies so close on his heels! No matter though, you’ve got a razor sharp blade of your own and reflexes like those of a cat… right? I guess there’s only one way to find out! Download Bleeding Edge today and start dashing and slashing your way up the Google Play Game Services leaderboards today!

bleedingedge3 bleedingedge1 bleedingedge2


Bouncing Dude from HyperBeard Games

Bouncing Dude is a game that is all about bouncing and survival. You find yourself in the shoes of Bouncing Dude: a dude that, well, loves to bounce I suppose (who doesn’t though?). Unfortunately for Bouncing Dude there is an unnecessarily large number of monsters that want nothing more than to put an end to his bouncing ONCE AND FOR ALL! Luckily for Bouncing Dude he also has the ability to shoot, which should make survival a little bit easier… right? Download Bouncing Dude today to take in the game’s charming art style, addictive gameplay, and maybe even set yourself a new high score in the process. Bouncing Dude is free with no IAPs whatsoever so definitely check it out.

bouncingdude1 bouncingdude2 bouncingdude3


Bullet Parade from Brunkt

Who doesn’t like blasting away at endless hordes of enemies? Well, I guess there’s some gamers out there that don’t but for those that do Bullet Parade is for you! Bullet Parade is a sidescrolling endless runner/shooter that throws you in command of an assortment of 80s style action heroes that are hell bent on mowing down anything that gets in their way. Your highscore, which can be uploaded to Bullet Parade’s global leaderboard, is determined simply by the number of baddies you blast to kingdom come before you meet your maker. Do you think you have what it takes to become the ultimate monster slayer? Download Bullet Parade today and see what you’re really made of!

bulletparade1 bulletparade2


Circix from Russell King

Circix is a puzzle game that’s all about connecting chips to create a circuit. Every chip needs to be linked together and each individual chip will be required to have a specific number of connections to finish the level successfully. Circix can be quite a challenge and its 200 free levels are sure to keep you busy for a very long time to come! Fans of puzzlers absolutely must download Circix today!

circix1 circix2 circix3


Fallen Lords from Groundling Games

Fallen Lords is a Dungeons & Dragons-esque board game of sorts that puts you in control of four heroes that look to save their kingdom from the threat of the Fallen Lords. Using 3D game pieces you move your group through a board gamey world that is filled with areas to explore and enemies to vanquish. Fallen Lords is a game that fans of dice-rolling adventure games should be able to pick up with relative easy but thankfully an in-depth tutorial has been included for those gamers that are not well versed in this sort of gaming style. For more information on Fallen Lords check out our very own JC Richardson’s review: Fallen Lords Review.

fallenlords1 fallenlords2


Flax from Cageside Games

This addicting new jetpack based platformer is jam packed with tons of well designed retro style levels in addition to several extra endless modes for the perfectionists out there. Flax’s humorous storyline follows a group of super soldier clones who are desperately trying to escape from the lair of an evil genius bent on world domination. The games’ old school gameplay is challenging to say the least, but with an army of clones at your disposal you can afford to lose a guy or two.

flex flex2


Glorious Maximus from Sneaky Games

This simple yet highly stylish 2D fighter features tons of cartoonified “sand & sandals” combat. As a deadly warrior roaming the land players will face over 30 unique and vicious enemies, each with their own fighting style. The gameplay in Glorious Maximus is easy to get used to but still allows alot of room for nuance. With its mobile friendly controls and expansive gameplay Glorious Maximus is a game that appeals to the fighting game enthusiast in all of us.

gloriousmaximus2 gloriousmaximus1


Gravebound from Griffin Bryant

Gravebound is a mash-up of several fantastic gaming genres into a game that is sure to appeal to all sorts of gamers out there. If you want to break it down you could go so far as to call it a roguelike turn-based tactical RPG, if you really want to get that technical. In Gravebound you control a young hero through a randomly generated world that is infested with quest-tastic areas like the bandit-filled forest, the zombie-plagued crypt, and the insect-infested cave. Along your journey you’ll unlock new skills, find new weapons and armour, and you’ll even come across unique allies that might just help you stay alive a bit longer. Gravebound’s randomly generated content, perma-death feature, limited resources, unique sanity system, and challenging boss fights ensure a real challenge for even the best gamers out there. Definitely don’t let Gravebound slip through your fingers. This is a game you’ll want to check out.

gravebound1 gravebound2


Hank’s Adventure from Disposable Games

Hank is on the adventure of a lifetime thanks to his cute black cat. Though this cat is cute he seems to end up in some truly ridiculous locations and it’s up to Hank (and you, of course) to solve the game’s 48 puzzle-platforming levels to get him back safely. The gameplay in Hank’s Adventure takes place in a retro-meets-3D world that consists of platforming puzzles that will definitely put your brain power to the test. Great graphics, fun gameplay, optimization for both phones and tablets, plans for future updates, and a total lack of ads and IAPs make Hank’s Adventure an absolute MUST download!

hank1 hank2


Hero Detected Rescue Hero Edition from ToolBox

Hero Detected – RHE (Rescue Hero Edition) is the sequel to ToolBox’s previously released board game “Hero Detected. It turns out that the Dark Lord has been busy imprisoning heroes in his castle as of late and you, the one and only ‘Red Muffler-the rescue hero’, are the only one who can set these poor souls free. You will jump and slide throughout this mysterious castle while dodging deadly traps and saving as many heroes as is humanly possible. Do you have what it takes to release these imprisoned heroes and show the Dark Lord who’s really in charge here?



Jellyflug Antibody Assault from Troll inc

Jellyflug Antibody Assault is Troll Inc’s follow up to their hit platformer Jellyflug. You are an antibody that must eat all the germs while dodging any and all enemies. You are your body’s first line of defence after all! To help you increase your odds of success you have useful powerups like Time Freeze, Magnets, and even Invisibility! Those gamers looking for a unique sort of challenge should definitely check out Jellyflug Antibody Assault today!



Jump Over from Extrawurst

Jump Over is an addictive puzzle game that is based around the classic board game Peg Solitaire. Your goal is simple: remove all of the peices on the board by jumping over the other pieces on the board. It sounds simple in concept but solving the puzzles gets to be a whole lot more difficult thanks to some new twists on the classic gameplay like Doublejump-Squares, different board sizes, and up to three colours to contend with! Jump Over’s 100 levels of increasingly mind-bending difficulty are sure to challenge even the best puzzler gamers out there. Jump Over is free to download so jump over to Google Play and download it today!

jumpover1 jumpover2


OTTTD from SMG Studio

In the cartoon future of OTTTD, heroes are short of action.  Luckily Herocorp have found a way to bring the action to you, by opening rifts in space to bring forth streams of nastiness from around the universe, all so you can kick some ass and earn some dough.  As in most tower defense games, the bad guys shuffle towards your base along fixed routes, which you defend with more and more elaborate weaponry.  More dead monsters equals more money to spend on your defenses.  You’re also controlling upgradable heroes too, spending ‘hero points’ on them between levels to give them fresh class-based powers: engineers can heal and boost towers, scouts can focus your fire on particular units, tanks deal damage – you know the drill, soldiers.



Pond Tycoon from Mjölnir Games

Pond Tycoon is a clever new game from Mjölnir Games – the developers behind the clever road building puzzler Way of the Knight. Pond Tycoon is a game that’s all about generating electricity using the power of waves. By tapping the screen you’ll earn “power charges” that can be used to be generators or Oscillomatics. Generators increase the total amount of wattage you have and Oscillomatics create additional waves to make earning “power charges” a little bit easier. Your goal is simply to crank up your total wattage to 9000W as fast as possible. Are you up for the challenge?

pondtycoon2 pondtycoon1


ReactionLab from H.F. Games

ReactionLab is a pixelated particle simulation game that is a mash-up of games like The Sandbox and Doodle God. Using the game’s simple touch controls you can draw whatever your heart desires out of nearly 40 elements and over 60 different kinds of particles. Want to make a pickle? How about you put a plant in some vinegar? Want to set off a huge explosion? Place some gasoline, light a fuse, and watch the fireworks! In addition to the open-ended gameplay in ReactionLab there are also over 35 achievements to unlock and a near limitless number of combinations to discover! If you love games that let your imagination run wild ReactionLab is definitely the game for you.



Splashy Slime from paranoiax

Created by indie developer ParanoiaX, this addicting sidescroller successfully balances the gameplay and controls of an old school platformer together in such a way that neither aspect feels compromised because of the other. Splashy Slime is by no means an easy game, you’ll die in this game more times than you can count, but gamers looking for a good platformer that provides a worthy challenge but doesn’t feel cheap will find that Splashy Slime is one nostalgic piece of awesome. The level designs are well polished, the action feels smooth, and even though at times you’ll feel like throwing your phone against the wall you’ll still know it’s your fault you died on level 19 for the 212th time in a row and not the games.

splashyslime1 splashyslime2


Tiny Knight from Robbie Dooley

Tiny Knight is a procedurally generated roguelike action-adventure game that has seen it’s fair share of success on Kongregate. The game takes place across 100 procedurally-generated levels where you’ll level up your attributes, collect items, and of course battle a wide number of deadly bosses. You’ll want to be careful though as Tiny Knight is a roguelike in it’s truest form. Run out of lives and you’ll have to start again from scratch!

tinyknight1 tinyknight2


Tribeat from Sleep. Make. Play.

Tribeat is a minimalistic endless platformer from new indie game developer Sleep. Make. Play. Tribeat doesn’t stray too far from what you’d expect from a game of this genre: tap the screen to jump from platform to platform while trying to stay alive for as long as possible. That’s not a bad thing though as this is one of the most addictive genres around! Best of all these devs really went out of their way to make the game unique through it’s refined controls, great minimalistic art style, and truly fantastic 80’s inspired soundtrack! How many beats will you be able to make before your untimely demise? There’s only one way to find out. Download Tribeat today!

tribeat1 tribeat2


Wacky Pirate from Eivi Games

Wacky Pirate is a wackly little game that follows the ship destroying adventures of the once filthy rich pirate Cabra Macho. It seems that the inventions of profitable shipping routes has really done a number on this old school pirate’s retirement fund! It’s up to you to take back the seas and get your money back in the process by destroying the cargo ships and submarines that have put you in this oh so unfavourable predicament. Use the money you earn to buy new upgrades, unlock some truly incredible special powers, and unlock some new challenges too. Wacky Pirate is a clever arcade game that you can’t afford to miss out on! Download it for free from Google Play today!

wackypirate1 wackypirate2


Weseewe from Eric Zingeler

Weseewe is a unique sidescrolling endless runner that is based around one simple goal: collect all 10 colours in just one round to win. Why do I want to collect 10 colours you ask? Well, quite simply, these colours determine whether or not you can safely land on the platforms you are moving towards. The more colours you have increases your likelihood of success, but as a great man once said “with more colours means more responsibility”, and not a truer thing could be said about Weseewe. So make sure to remember the colours you have because if you make one wrong move or think you have a colour you don’t have it’ll be game over for you!

Weseewe is one of the most unique and one of the most addictive endless runners I have come across in quite some time. If you’re looking for a fun twist on the genre you absolutely need to give Weseewe a go!

weseewe1 weseewe2 weseewe3


Will of Flame from Noble Weapon

Will of Flame is an uber stylish sidescrolling shoot-em-up that is currently undergoing an crowdfunding campaign over on Indiegogo (check out the campaign here: Will of Flame Indiegogo Campaign). This Google Play release is just a demo of what the final product is going to be – and trust me, you’re in for one hell of a ride! Will of Flame is already jam packed with a huge arsenal of crazy weaponry and a tonne of over-the-top action that is portrayed brilliantly through its fantastic sound design and awesome art design. Just picture yourself riding an alien beast while blasting away at your enemies with a shuriken crossbow! Is that not fun enough for you? Then use your tractor beam to pull your enemies into one of the stages many deathtraps stalactites, electric anemones, and even boat propellers! The way you play Will of Flame is entirely in your hands… literally.

Will of Flame is a game that is in dire need of funding so be sure to check out the demo and then donate what you can over at their Indiegogo campaign page.

willofflame2 willofflame1


zSnake from Actoid

You might have played Snake before, but you’ve never played it like this! zSnake is a darkly humorous remake of the classic game that’s been infused with Mortal Kombat-esque violence and a new combo focused spin on the gameplay. Although the basics of Snake are still in play, zSnake takes things up a notch by including score modifiers, enemies, and even giant buzzsaws that can gruesomely cut your slithering companion into two. Snake’s always been a staple of mobile gaming, so why not play the most kickass version you can?

Zsnake Zsnake2


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