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O.T.T.T.D. Review

SMG Studios’ Over The Top Tower Defense is planting a boot firmly in the genre’s buttocks, and generally making violence fun again – wo-hoo!

In the cartoon future of OTTTD, heroes are short of action.  Luckily Herocorp have found a way to bring the action to you, by opening rifts in space to bring forth streams of nastiness from around the universe, all so you can kick some ass and earn some dough.  As in most tower defense games, the bad guys shuffle towards your base along fixed routes, which you defend with more and more elaborate weaponry.  More dead monsters equals more money to spend on your defenses.  You’re also controlling upgradable heroes too, spending ‘hero points’ on them between levels to give them fresh class-based powers: engineers can heal and boost towers, scouts can focus your fire on particular units, tanks deal damage – you know the drill, soldiers.


It’s easy to get bogged down describing the depth of customization here, but suffice to say that your heroes have a bigger skill tree than in most RPGs these days.  Towers are upgraded on the fly, turning them from puny BB guns into massive flak cannons over the course of a level.  There’s the traditional mix of gun towers, missiles, lasers that you’d expect in a futuristic TD, but it’s all just so beautifully imagined that you don’t mind a little over-familiarity here and there.


It’s the absurdly awesome boss monsters that really sells OTTTD:  the flying robot shark and steampunk tortoise tank especially stand out, and all of them take a hell of a lot of punishment before they go down.  You can boost your heroes with IAPs to buy them better weapons, but I haven’t felt the slightest need over many hours of gameplay.

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O.T.T.T.D. Review JC Richardson


Summary: OTTTD is bringing the fun back to the TD genre, with an outrageous style and superbly balanced gameplay.


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