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Dungeon Bots Review

Michael Dold’s Dungeon Bots takes the rogue genre back to basics, but with a slick interface and plenty of depth that just keeps you coming back for more.


It’s a futuristic theme, played out on a succession of grids which you gradually reveal by tapping at the cells.  These variously contain currency, energy (health), portals, switches, level exits, and of course enemy robots – and here’s where the combat goes down.  Combat is a simple affair, with you and your enemy trading zaps until one falls, but there’s a  range of imaginitive opponents to discover.  It would be nice to have more than a dozen varieties of enemy, though, so hopefully we’ll see more added over time.

In between missions, you use your acquired loot to upgrade your ‘bots powers, which vary depending on your choice of class:  two of the usual rogue-alike standards are here, with a tough Juggernaut and a high-crit Blade, but after 25 levels you also unlock the Eternal class – a life-stealing badass which you’ll pretty much be relying on as the game advances into the hardcore levels.


Along the way, your Bots pick up various items they can install into their circuit slots for various effects – some reveal the location of keys, etc, and some provide boosts for attack and defense – finding the right balance for your build really adds to the depth here, encouraging tweaking and experimentation.

It’s a nice change to see a free demo of a game before deciding to pay out for it (I did, immediately) rather than an IAP model, and it’s kind of criminal that this game hasn’t received more attention from the mainstream.  I may have arrived late to the party with Dungeon Bots, but I’ll be shouting about this one to anyone who’ll listen.

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Dungeon Bots Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: All the themes that keep the Rogue genre alive are here, and they've been implemented with true style. More enemies would be nice, but there's plenty to keep your interest for now.


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  • jonas nielsen

    Great game and i wouldn’t have heard of it if it wasn’t for this review so thx!

    • JC Richardson

      No problem, J!

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