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Tales Of Honor Review

Tales of Honor drifts into scanner range, and immediately asks ‘got any spare change, mister?’

Based around a sci-fi comic of the same name, and apparently also in production as a movie, Tales of Honor is actually a fairly typical space-opera which sees humans colonising the far reaches of space and facing off against their enemies in ship vs ship combat. Everything is very neatly polished, with beautiful 3D modelling of the vast starships in question. The combat is cooldown-based, and you have quite an array of weapons to deal with the opposition, like lasers, missiles, nukes and so forth. Enemies are weak against particular weapons, so there’s a solid degree of strategy needed to time your attacks, your defences and your loadout in order to beat the enemy.


Looting defeated ships earns you in-game currency and also items to install onto your own ship. You need to juggle resources between six major ship’s systems, and assign crew to make everything run, but this is just the start of your problems as a captain…

Say you’ve looted a new laser weapon from an enemy. You can’t install it yet, as your Weapons Specialist isn’t a high enough level, so you spend currency on advancing them. If you want this done immediately, you have to spend more currency. Then, you have to upgrade your weapons systems for more currency, and either wait or spend more to hurry it up. Then you have to place the new laser unit, but to power it up you need conduit, which you very quickly run out of and have to buy more. Oh, and you want the laser to work immediately? That’ll cost you. We’re talking Dungeon Keeper levels of IAP excess: when a game’s taken you to the IAP page before the tutorials even finished, you know there’s only one thing on the developers’ mind here.


Unfortunately, the snazzy graphics just aren’t enough to make me invest in Tales of Honor. The combat is fairly engaging, but the story just drifts by in a highly linear way, and fails to hold interest for long.

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Tales Of Honor Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: There's a great game trying to get out here, but its swallowed up in the infinite void of IAP's.


Dis-honorable Discharge

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  • sean

    It has no honor

  • Peter Everett

    I really dont enjoy games that constantly harass me with IAPs 🙁 I’d rather read a solid review, then go ahead and spend up to £5 on the initial outlay and be done with it.

    • JC Richardson

      I just couldn’t agree more, Peter.

    • jonas nielsen

      Me too but looking at the top grossing games we’re in the minority sadly

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