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Survival Horror Side Scroller Knock-Knock Creeps Onto Android

With the arrival of games like Slenderman and Amnesia in recent years, the horror genre has been experiencing a Renaissance of sorts. It’s great to see indie developers once again leading the charge in innovation and even better to see that Knock-Knock, the intense survival horror game from Ice-Pick Lodge Studios, has finally arrived to freak out Android gamers everywhere. Yes, this dark side scrolling tale of insomnia induced madness is now available on Google Play and it’s every bit as foreboding and atmospheric as its PC cousin.

You only need to take one look at Knock-Knock to see its a horror game that’s absolutely oozing with style and visual flair. The premise is simple, players must survive a night in a haunted house that’s plagued with horrifying otherworldly occurrences, but the incredible artwork and surreal atmosphere will win you over immediately. As a lightning storm rages outside, rooms will flash with brief glimpses of indescribable horrors waiting to devour the player in the night, the darkness will leave you blind, and you’ll hear terrifying pounding on a door you’re about to open.

knocknock2 knocknock22

In order to survive the night players need to perform a variety of tasks while slowly shuffling out of harms way. You’ll need to keep the lights working to keep the monsters at bay while dodging monsters and repairing any damage to the house. It won’t be easy though as the action gets more intense and in your face the closer it gets to morning. There is alot of challenge to be had here.


Moody, enthralling, and just plain fun, Knock-Knock is available now for $3.99 on Google Play.

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