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Quirky Physics Platformer Clamber Latches Onto Android

While the majority of the endless genre is populated by either generic runners or Flappy Bird clones every now and then an innovative new game with its own unique spin comes along to shake things up. Well, it seems as if it’s that time has come again as a fantastic new felt based platformer by the name of Clamber has arrived on the scene with simple yet addicting gameplay that puts a twist on everything you know about climbing games. Created by indie developer FunLittleGames, Clamber combines inventive gameplay, charming graphics, and high replay value to become one of the most downloadable endless games in recent memory.


The premise behind Clamber is very simple yet still provides for an intense gaming experience filled with addicting physics heavy action. As one of those googly eyed creatures we’ve all made in arts ‘n crafts at one point or another, players must use their fuzzy appendages to climb their way to the top of a never ending tower. It wont be easy though, since there are lots of other art class projects that aren’t so keen on you getting past them so you’ll have to think fast when you’re picking spots to latch onto.

Clamber features what developer FunLittleGames’ project lead Andy Clitheroe calls ‘humane IAP’ which he best describes below:

“It’s also genuinely free-to-play. There are no lives and no energy system, because I don’t think ‘waiting’ for free constitutes ‘play’. At the moment, purchasing in-game currency (which you can also collect by playing) is all about customising your climber – and I’ve got some interesting plans for leveraging that outside the game in the next update.”


An addicting arcade climber with great graphics and inventive gameplay, Clamber is available now for free on Google Play.

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