Published on May 30th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Style Arcade Game Quantic Pinball Launches Onto Android

Ah Pinball, the ubiquitous game machine referred to as an arcade cabinet long before the advent of video games taking root in coin op palaces the world over. There are tons of different pinball games out there but if you’re looking for something other than your average simulator, something truly off the wall that will make you see the genre in a whole new way, look no further than indie developer Shine Research’s new power up infused take on the subject Quantic Pinball. A hybrid of retro video games like Space Invaders and traditional pinball, Quantic Pinball will have you shooting down waves of enemies at the same time as you’re building up your combo by hitting score targets. It makes for an intense experience.


In addition to the aforementioned shoot ’em up influences, there are a ton of other retro themed modes that dynamically trigger throughout the game in order to keep things fresh. This gives Quantic Pinball a certain nostalgic charm that you won’t find in other pinball games. With 7 unique tables and addicting high score focused gameplay on offer, there is alot of content to be had here.


Quantic Pinball puts a cool video game spin on the classic arcade cabinet that is unlike any other in the genre. You can pick it up now for about $4.00 on Google Play with a trial version available as well.

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