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Metal Gear Homage Hundred Fires Episode 2 Sneaks Onto Android

Metal Gear Solid fans may recall Metal Gear: Outer Heaven, a great fan produced action game from a while back that did an admirable job of bringing Solid Snake to Android in an original adventure. Sadly, Outer Heaven was given the boot from Google Play due to its unofficial nature but a silver lining did appear as it allowed the games creator David Amado Fernandez to redirect his development efforts into an all new tactical espionage style game released a few months ago called Hundred Fires.

While no longer connected to the Metal Gear universe Hundred Fires still provided nostalgic stealth gameplay, great graphics, and a deep storyline told through richly animated Peace Walker esque cutscenes, a tradition that continues in its simply titled sequel Hundred Fires Episode 2. With its upgraded graphics and continuation of the series’ Metal Gear style plotline Hundred Fires Episode 2 is a game every Metal Gear fan should check out.

hundredfires2cover1 hundredfires2cover114.

Hundred Fires Episode 2 takes an old school style approach to its gameplay that harkens back to Metal Gear’s earlier days while keeping the updated 3D graphics of the newer games. Like the NES versions or the original Metal Gear Solid, Hundred Fires is played in a forced top down perspective that takes some getting used to but feels authentically retro once you get the hang of it. There are tons of cutscenes that use both in-game graphics and excellently drawn animations, there’s even full voice overs too. The only problem is the voice overs aren’t in English so get used to reading alot of subtitles in this game.


Whether you’re a Metal Gear fan whose new to the Hundred Fires series or you’re continuing your adventure from the first episode, Hundred Fires Episode 2 will satisfy your need for tactical espionage action on the go. You can pick it up now on Google Play for about a dollar.

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