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Muskets And Missiles Collide In Upcoming Tactics RPG Outland 17

Of all the scenarios that have been dreamed up as the background for a video game I can honestly say I’ve never expected to see a sci-fi retelling of the American revolution that takes George Washington into space and replaces horses with hoverbikes among other historical idiosyncrasies but here it is, Outland 17, standing before me in all its neo steampunk glory. This upcoming tentatively titled project from indie developer Grenade Tree Games aims to use the colonization of the solar system as a backdrop for its hardcore turn based strategy combat while providing a unique RPG esque experience that rivals legendary tactics games like X-Com with its unforgiving yet fair level of difficulty.

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Although it’s still in development, Outland 17 is already looking like a beautiful game both figuratively and literally. It’s vibrantly stylish 3D graphics help bring the games rich alternate history to life in a way that lends weight to your actions on the battlefield and off. That’s because in addition to its deep gameplay Outland 17 will also feature an epic branching storyline that lets the player choose for themselves how the tale unfolds depending on their actions in the campaign. Couple all that with addicting tactical RPG combat, subtle nuances like expansive class customization, and more variables than you can shake a cyber musket at and you’ve got the recipe for one of the more strange yet awesome games in recent memory.


Does Outland 17 sound like the kind of game you’d like to play? It’s not out yet, but you can help make it a reality by backing it’s planned Kickstarter when it goes live in July and following the development process by supporting Grenade Tree Games on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and IndieDB!

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  • Polyanskiy Daniil

    Sounds interesting, especially since android lacks squad-based tactics.

  • JC Richardson

    I love this genre – this is so getting downloaded when it comes out.

  • JuanCarlos Santiago

    We have some new screenshots. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    • JC Richardson

      This is looking great, Juan Carlos. Nice, uncluttered interface and great models. I can’t wait to try this game…

  • JuanCarlos Santiago

    We got a new trailer coming. Check out this screenshot.

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