Published on June 10th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Break Bricks In Funky New Retro Arcade Game Virus Jigglin’ Fever

Breakout, one of the earliest and most beloved video games of all time, is coming back in a bizarrely big way thanks to the stylishly wacky new arcade game Virus Jigglin’ Fever. This off the wall take on the classic Breakout formula looks and feels like a hallucinogenic fantasy where Dr Mario and the art of brick breaking collide in a chaotic tapestry of psychedelic visuals. As a renowned scientist tasked with cleaning up a deadly outbreak of escaped rare diseases it’s up to players to strategically bounce their way through a surprisingly meaty campaign mode in addition to cool extras like an endless mode.


While the core principle of smashing everything in site with your ball and paddle remains intact Virus Jigglin’ Fever still manages to introduce subtle spins to the gameplay like match 3 mechanics that keeps the experience feeling fresh. It’s clear that a high level of polish went into this game with its spot-on nostalgic graphics and catchy original chiptune soundtrack. The whole nu-NES thing has been done before but here it feels oddly appropriate and most importantly genuine as opposed to being merely patronizing like most games that take the retro approach.


There are alot of games that you can break bricks in nowadays but Virus Jigglin’ Fever goes about this digital destruction in a way that feels completely its own. You can pick Virus Jigglin’ Fever up now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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