Published on June 17th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Blast Your Way To Health In Zany New FPS Fight The Virus!

One of the games I remember most from my childhood is a little known first person shooter for the PC called Chex Quest. This oddity of video game history was a kiddy-fied total conversion of Ultimate Doom that came free in every box of Chex cereal at the time which replaced zombies with goop monsters and blood with slime, not to mention it came with 50 free hours of AOL! The cereal was nasty but the game was awesome and it helped me realize at the time that if a game was good it didn’t matter what its art style looked like. So after beating what feels like the bazillionth zombie shooter it’s a breath of fresh air to play Fight The Virus!, a wacky new FPS that pays homage to the pitched battles taking place in our immune systems everyday.


Like Chex Quest, Fight The Virus! is decidedly more kid friendly but still injects a healthy dose of addicting arcade action into the mix to give the game a feel of its own. Indie developer Lost City Gamez took great care in designing Fight The Virus! around the concept of a FPS built from the ground up for mobile with fast paced horde based gameplay that features a variety of drop-in modes and levels with plans for additional free content down the road. The arcade style action moves at a brisk pace and is easy to get used to while simultaneously delivering a Doom worthy old school gaming experience.


With all the generic zombie shooters out on the market, it’s nice to see that games like Fight The Virus! are still being made. Fight The Virus! is available now for free on Google Play.

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