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Dungeon Flicker Review

Gree’s Dungeon Flickers is an oddball of a game, and yet it’s strangely compelling. Light your torches, adventurers, and let’s check out this most casual of rpg’s…

Yoshiyuki Higo, the man behind Dungeon Flickers, has gone for strictly minimalist stylings here, and the gameplay is highly streamlined too: you swipe around a cartoony first-person dungeon, with a limited number of moves to burn, and you defeat the cutesy mobs you encounter with simple tap of the ‘fight’ button. Occasionally you pick up loot to equip or sell later. It’s all very simple on paper, but there’s actually quite an intricate engine behind this.


Losing in battle costs you moves, as does general exploration, but winning in battle gains you extra moves, as does advancing through levels of the dungeon. The race is on to find the exit, guarded by a boss monster, before you run out of moves and forfeit your loot. Defeat the boss and escape the stage, and you get to keep your loot and upgrade it with coins you’ve collected – collect enough coins and you can unlock the next set of floors in the tower. Phew.


Your adventurer levels up at an absurdly rapid rate, and after every single encounter (seriously, all of them) you’ll be distributing dozens of stat points like you’re chucking confetti at a wedding. Thankfully, there’s an ‘auto-distribute’ function, if you don’t mind where your stat points go, but it’s still a little laborious. Most bafflingly, between every set of floors your stats are actually reset, meaning you need to re-grind through previous levels to beef up for the ones you’ve just unlocked, and this is just plain weird. You keep the equipment you’ve survived with, so why not your stats?

Dungeon Flickers has a pleasing amount of depth for a casual rpg, but its quirks will certainly put some players off. For those who embrace the weirdness, you’ve got yourself a neat little dungeon explorer with bite-size stages that are just perfect for the bus-stop.

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Dungeon Flicker Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: An interesting take on the Rogue-alike genre, with some neat touches and a colourful style. Worth a look if you're after something casual.


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