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SolForge Review

Well it sure took its sweet time getting to Android, but Stone Blade’s SolForge has finally ‘shuffled’ onto the Play Store.  Yes, Shuffled.

It’s received plenty of acclaim on the PC and Apple platforms, and it’s great to see a truly cross-platform game once in a while.  All your cards and history are stored with your SolForge account, which is utterly painless to set up, and you can easily scooch between your PC and mobile device as necessary.  The online tournaments, player vs AI and pass-and-play modes are all there, and you’re very quickly into the game itself, which is simplicity itself to play.


For those who don’t know, SolForge is a Magic: The Gathering-esque trading card game, where you set up a deck of fantasy-powered cards from up to two factions, then pit your deck against others in turn based battles.  The rules are simple, but the underlying strategy is where the game comes into its own – anyone familiar with the genre will know the lengths that hardcore players go to to create the ultimate deck, and seek out the rarest of cards.

There are IAPs aplenty in SolForge, but the devs are remarkably generous in setting you up with a starter deck.  My initial deck, boosted with in-game money only, gave me a wealth of choice including several rare cards.  You can spend a lot of real cash on SolForge, if that’s your thing, but there’s plenty to be bought with your game winnings too.  As an example, the minimum purchase is £3/$5, which gets you a guaranteed legendary card, 3 hero cards and 3 rare, plus a smattering of others.  The pack bought with in-game money only guarantees you one rare card, but there’s still a chance of heroic or legendary’s popping up too.


SolForge packs a lot in but has a streamlined, easy-going  feel compared to some of its rivals, making it ideal for someone new to the genre as well as the more experienced player.

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SolForge Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: An excellent example of the Magic genre, hugely imaginative with great artwork and a fast play style. Well recommended.


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  • bmkibler

    Your card image is a pre-release preview that got changed before it came out 😛

    • JC Richardson

      Whenever you notice something like that, a wizard did it.

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