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Groovy Luggage Transporter Tiny World Rolls Onto Android

Bad Roads developer Laurent Bakowski is no stranger to arcade style physics action, after all the indie coder has been gradually refining his own unique spin on the genre over the course of several hit games for some time now. Each successive title has brought about a brand new iteration of off-road cargo delivery gameplay that builds upon the titles that preceded it. And now that his sidescrolling formula has been perfected it seems Laurent Bakowski has decided to jazz things up a bit by replacing the Bad Roads games’ dreary graphics with a snazzy new art style and making subtle refinements to the series gameplay which has resulted in the charmingly addicting action physics game, Tiny World.

tinyworld tinyworld12

Like in the Bad Roads series of games, Tiny World tasks players with driving an unwieldy vehicle across unfathomably perilous terrain in a vain struggle to deliver a shipment of cargo without it smashing all over the road. However this time around things are considerably more cheerful thanks to a vibrant new art design and subtle yet fundamental changes to the gameplay that help make Tiny World feel more accessible than previous Bad Roads games while still presenting a difficult yet fair challenge. A dynamically generated level design that gives a new set of obstacles every playthrough combined with tons of places to see and explore imbue Tiny Worlds with a high amount of replay value.


A charming physics side scroller that will keep you coming back for more, Tiny World represents a large aesthetic leap forward for Laurent Bakowski’s Bad Roads series. You can pick it up in both ad supported and ad free versions on Google Play now.

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