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Siralim Review

Thylacine Studios are rocking it old skool with the fantasy RPG Siralim, so don your hi-tops and fro-comb and get exploring!

Siralim is part dungeon explorer and part monster collector:  as the new king or queen you take a surprisingly hands-on approach to ruling your kingdom by exploring strange new worlds for resources and summoning strange creatures to fight for you.  Your castle needs various resources to thrive, which you have to collect along the way, and the turn-based battles you get into provide you with the ‘parts’ to recruit new beasties for your army.  You can upgrade your recruits by letting them fight, and also by finding or crafting various trinkets – this gets particularly tough as you progress, as the rarest of crafting materials are only carried by the real bad-ass beasts.


You start small, but Siralim quickly snowballs into full-on kingdom management and your trips through the portal into freaky lands get harder to survive.  It’s all very satisfying though, especially when you’ve grabbed the necessary parts for something awesome.

Not everyone will get on with the 80’s stylings of Siralim, but there’s so much depth to this simple-looking game that it’s easy to get sucked into ‘just one more’ exploration – there are over 200 monsters to fight and collect at the last update, and the updates come frequently.  You’ll pick up a lot of handy magics to use as well, over 120 at the last count, and with no level cap and endlessly randomised worlds to explore, you could be playing this for some time.


There are zero IAPs in Siralim, and you get to play for free until level 15 before you’re asked to buy the full game at around $5/£3.  It’s a very reasonable sales strategy, in my opinion, as this game is pretty darn addictive, with an awful lot to discover.

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Siralim Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Yes, it looks a little creaky, but Siralim has an awful lot of mileage to it. Well worth a look for both RPG fans and monster collectors alike.


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