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Break The Sound Barrier In New High Speed Racer Chaos Ride

Having released a string of fantastic titles in recent months, indie developer sc0tt games has made quite the name for itself. Whether its the zany nuclear freefall sim Rocket Drop, mind bending puzzler Tri-Strip, or stimulating retro throwback The Ingenious Machine sc0tt games has firmly established itself as one of Androids most talented new studios and if its latest game Chaos Ride is any indication it’s just getting started. While on first glance this futuristic racer game may seem like it takes after games like Wipeout, Chaos Ride is a wholly different beast entirely.

This imaginative spin on classic racing titles takes the action into a high speed tunnel where the only way to gain momentum and win the race is to bend the laws of physics to your will by angling your suicide bobsled at optimal trajectories along the course depending on which direction the tunnel takes. Chaos Ride is a game that’s as much as about developing razor sharp reflexes as it is about being a smooth driver, reacting to all the minute changes the course makes on the drop of a dime is the key to winning here. It’s also quite the looker thanks to the console quality graphical detail that is integral to the core sensation of speed that Chaos Ride depends on.


The concept for Chaos Ride may sound simple enough but mastering all the subtle nuances required for victory is no easy feat. For starters Chaos Ride throws genre staples like braking, drifting, and cornering out the window in favor of a more radical momentum based system that ultimately works much better and gives Chaos Ride a unique identity all its own. Of course it can be difficult to properly navigate the tunnel when there are 5 other racers flying right next to you at 500 mph which is why strategically jockeying for position is so critically important. The sense of speed Chaos Ride’s gameplay exudes is really quite astonishing and it’s all thanks to the games stellar visuals and high framerate.


There have been alot of racing games on mobile, but there’s nothing quite like sc0tt games’ Chaos Ride. You can get it now on Google Play for about a dollar with a free trial version available as well.

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