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Elemental Ninja Review

Continuing with the Eastern theme, here’s a look at Elemental Ninja: Rise of the Sorcerer from Red Stomp Studios, a seriously fancy casual game that’s making all my thumbs sore.


If you’ve played the awesome robo-shooter Epoch, or even Adult Swim’s Major Mayhem, you’ll feel right at home flinging your ninja stars at the pop-up bad guys here. You work your way through element-themed stages, gathering new ninja powers as you progress and take down end of level bosses. The gameplay gets pretty frantic (especially in Hard mode) as you swipe to dodge enemy fire, or parry attacks, and tap to shoot back before the enemies duck back into cover.

It’s all very twitchy and pretty addictive, but it’s the superb graphic style that makes Elemental Ninja stand out. It’s a cute, cartoonish, bobble-head look that continues throughout the comic book pages you unlock with each stage: plus, you also gather trophies in the form of beautifully detailed models of characters you’ve defeated, all rotatable and zoom-able and very neat indeed.


Elemental Ninja isn’t a particularly long game, but it’s an excellent time-killer as long as it lasts, with the added bonus of having no IAPs to intrude on the fun.  There are also Google Play achievements to play toward, again contributing some replay value, but this is totally worth a try even if you just want a casual blast.

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Elemental Ninja Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Elemental Ninja is certainly a fun shooter ('flinger'?), with a graphic style that's fresh and vibrant. It's a little short, but has plenty of cool secondary content to explore.


The Element of Surprise

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