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Merciless Ninja Sidescroller Shurican Dashes Onto Android

When it comes to making video games the goal developers usually have in mind is to make the kind of game they’ve always dreamed of playing, however indie dev Aurimas of the studio SnoutUP likes to do things a little differently. In a bout of either genius, madness, or both Aurimas has taken the bold step of forcing himself to take the kind of game he hates most and turn it around into something that even he would like to play. Well, it seems that little thought experiment has paid off as after setting his sights on the much maligned Flappy Bird Aurimas has come up with the fun new endless style sidescroller Shurican, a potently addicting mashup of Shinobi, Super Meat Boy, and of course Flappy Bird. This ‘aint your momma’s Flappy Bird though, Shurican’s intuitive yet merciless ninja swordplay will kick your ass and keep you coming back for more.

shurican3 shurican33

Shurican casts players as a silent ninja assassin on a perilous adventure to fight the forces of evil through sustained jumping. Having entered the bottomless dungeon that is Obstacle Hell players will have to dodge a deadly array of traps like buzzsaws and spike crushers while avoiding getting chopped into pieces by a smiling demon with an oversized hatchet. As if the Super Meat Boy esque rotating blades weren’t bad enough players will also be accosted by a host of pesky devils that each have their own special way of dragging you down to your doom. By implementing the kind of old school side scrolling action like you’d see in one of the Shinobi games, Shurican has put a novel twist on the Flappy Bird phenomenon that easily sets it apart from the pack.


If you like endless style games but are sick and tired of every game playing exactly like Flappy Bird, give Shurican a spin. It’s addicting merging of old school action with modern design aesthetic is a refreshing break from the sea of mediocrity. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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