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Absurd Swipefest Kawaii Killer Is Here To Haunt PETA’s Nightmares

Kawaii in Japanese means cute or cuddly, so why did a game about adorable animated forest animals that literally has the word cute in the title get rejected by the Itunes App Store? Well it was probably because the game in question, indie developer Tabemasu Games’ awesome new arcade swipefest Kawaii Killer, tasks players with slaughtering woodland critters rapid fire in a variety of gruesome and hilarious ways.

Like an insane hybrid of Fruit Ninja and Happy Tree Friends, Kawaii Killer is a fun gesture based action game with intuitive controls and a unique sense of style to say the least. This is much more than your average Fruit Ninja clone however as there is alot more on offer like surprisingly deep gameplay, a ton of different modes, and cool achievements that unlock additional game modifiers whenever players manage to pull off a sufficiently impressive feat.

kawaiikiller1 kawaiikiller123

To put things into context a little bit, Kawaii Killer isn’t endorsing animal cruelty. Players take on the role of an innocent woodsman who’s just minding his own business walking through the forest when a horde of bloodthirsty small animals viciously attack him, leaving him no choice but to defend himself in the most absurd ways possible. In other words, it’s a parody.


Regardless, Kawaii Killer is an addicting and well designed arcade game that is absolutely worth checking out. You can pick it up now on Google Play for $2.99 with a free demo available as well.

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