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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #49

Welcome to the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have a way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

This week saw the release of so many great indie games that the round-up itself has ballooned from its usual 25 games to a whopping 30 game list that should keep you occupied for quite some time or at least until the next round-up! Whether you’re looking for a challenging new RPG, balls to the wall racer, or good old fashioned beat ’em up SGD has got you covered so check out all the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and also be featured on our front page for an entire week!


Big Action Mega Fight! From Double Stallion

Big Action Mega Fight is a side scrolling fighting game that has been heavily inspired by games like Double Dragon, Final Fight, or X-Men Arcade. Big Action Mega Fight! doesn’t bore you with long cutscenes or snooze inducing puzzles but instead focuses on simple yet deeply addicting action gameplay that is straightforward yet strategic at the same time. It all depends on how the player decides to handle each situation.

As you smash criminals in the face and blow stuff up you’ll need to think quickly about which baddie needs pummeling next in order to dodge the hail of fists that may just fly in your direction. This unique idea makes Big Action Mega Fight! one of the first beat ‘em ups on mobile devices that really does the genre justice.

For more on Big Action Mega Fight! check out our in-depth review covering both the phone and Android console editions of this awesome arcade fighting game: Big Action Mega Fight! Relaunch Review

bamfcover22 bamfcover2


Bloostar Adventures from Holmade Games

Bloostar Adventures is a one-touch space shooter that is brought to us by the developer of the crazy catch-em-up Raining Tacos. As in all space shooters your goal is simple: destroy baddies and stay alive for as long as possible. But what truly makes Bloostar Adventures stand apart from others in the genre is how it features exciting stuff like fun, things, and most importantly exclamation points!!!!!! (oh, and also achievements and leaderboards through Google Play Game Services). So what are you waiting for? Help Bloostar fend off the nefarious Death Squares of DOOM today!

bloostar1 bloostar2 bloostar3


Box-E – The Colorful Cube Game from StimBits

Box-E – The Colorful Cube Game is, not too surprisingly, a puzzle game filled with colorful cubes. You guide a little cube through a relaxing 3D world with one simple goal: to reach the end of the stage while coloring as many cubes as you can. On top of the game’s beautiful look you’re also given access to a catchy soundtrack, achievements to unlock, 25 levels to master – and best of all a real-time online multiplayer mode. So get online and see if you can beat your friends’ scores!

box-e-1 box-e-2


Chaos Ride – Episode 1 from sc0tt games

Having released a string of fantastic titles in recent months, indie developer sc0tt games has made quite the name for itself. Whether its the zany nuclear freefall sim Rocket Drop, mind bending puzzler Tri-Strip, or stimulating retro throwback The Ingenious Machine sc0tt games has firmly established itself as one of Androids most talented new studios and if its latest game Chaos Ride is any indication it’s just getting started. While on first glance this futuristic racer game may seem like it takes after games like Wipeout, Chaos Ride is a wholly different beast entirely. This imaginative spin on classic racing titles takes the action into a high speed tunnel where the only way to gain momentum and win the race is to bend the laws of physics to your will by angling your suicide bobsled at optimal trajectories along the course depending on which direction the tunnel takes.

chaosride chaosride2


Critter Cross from MannagraphiX Studios

Critter Cross is a new and entirely original jumping game that you’re sure to get hooked on in no time! The concept couldn’t be more simple: send your critter across a gorge while avoiding the constantly falling stones. While the concept behind Critter Cross is quite simple you’re still going to need some serious skill and great hand/eye coordination if you hope to score a spot on this game’s leaderboards.

On top of the fun gameplay Critter Cross also comes equipped with four unique Critters that each have their own special jumping pattern and own unique ability – each of which greatly changes how you play the game.

Critter Cross is a highly addicting game that is sure to keep you coming back time and time again. Download it for free from Google Play today!

crittercross1 crittercross2



Defenderia from Xageu is a fun turn-based RPG that takes place in wide open fields rather than the genre norm of dark and dingy dungeons. You will still be opening cells, discovering hidden treasures, fighting monsters, and defeating some challenging bosses though! Along your journey you’ll find artifacts to upgrade, you’ll improve your heroes’  stats, and purchase consumables to help aid you on your quest. Defenderia features 7 unique heroes to choose from, 30 different monsters to destroy, and 24 randomly generated levels to traverse.

If you’re a fan of turn-based RPGs you really must check out Defenderia today.



Doug dug from The Electric Toy Company

Doug is a Dwarf that loves finding buried treasure. One day Doug decided it would be a good idea to dig as deep into the earth as he could go and collect as must treasure as was humanly possible. Along the way he fought monsters and avoided massive rock slides too. After that Doug dug some more and found lots of shimmering jewels, precious gold, and more bling than he ever could have imagined!

Doug dug has been inspired by fantastic games like Spelunky, Dig Dug, and Minecraft – so if you’re a fan of any of these you absolutely must download Doug dug today. It’s only a buck on Google Play – much cheaper than it’s competitors!

dougdug1 dougdug2 dougdug3


Earth Overclocked (Alpha) from Guys and a Box

Earth Overclocked is a top-down action game that is still in it’s alpha stages of development – but in it’s current state it’s easy to see that it’s shaping up to be one heck of a fun game! You control a scientist who has attempted to escape the apocalypse by way of a time machine of his own creation. However, the machine malfunctions during the trip and it dumps you in a distorted version Earth where just about everything wants to kill you! Hmm… so I guess you could say that that didn’t really go exactly as planned.

In Earth Overclocked the name of the game is procedurally generated content. The game world, the enemy placements, and the weaponry you obtain are all procedurally generated – which really gives this game an infinite level of replayability. You’ll want to play time and time again just to see all of the weird enemy types and the weird weaponry you didn’t get to test out on your first run through.

To top things off Earth Overclocked has also been optimized for Bluetooth gamepads. Just have one connected to your device before booting up the game and you’ll be good to go. However if you don’t have one of these controllers the game’s touch-controls work very smoothly too.

Earth Overclocked (Alpha) is an extremely fun action game that absolutely deserves your attention. Download it today from Google Play for free!

earthoverclocked1 earthoverclocked2


Eliss Infinity from Finji

Eliss Infinity is a fast-paced action-puzzler that has received critical acclaim thanks to it’s innovative gameplay, it’s beautiful and unique art style, and it’s truly brilliant soundtrack. It has just now made it’s way onto Android – and I’m sure glad it is finally here!

The concept in Eliss Infinity is quite unique indeed. You will use your fingers to control planets; either to fuse them together to make larger planets or split them in half to make them smaller. You’re in complete control of this universe… well, almost anyway. There is one rule: make sure the different colors don’t touch!

On top of the unique gameplay Eliss Infinity features several fun game modes and also Cloud Saves through Google Play Game Services.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different you absolutely can’t afford to miss out on Eliss Infinity. This really is one heck of a fantastic game.

eliss1 eliss2 eliss3


FallDown! Deluxe from Wiiza

FallDown! Deluxe is an absolutely stunning new version of the classic game FallDown. What really makes this version stand out from similar games on the market is it’s gorgeous graphics, it’s Google Play Game Services leaderboards, and most importantly it’s unique control method. I would say that pretty much every FallDown game I have played has used tilt-controls – but Wiiza has scrapped this control scheme for some far more responsive touch-controls. Hold on the left side of the screen to roll left or hold on the right side of the screen to roll right. While this might not sound like it would revolutionize the genre these new controls actually make for a far more enjoyable experience.

Fans of the FallDown genre need to check out FallDown! Deluxe from Wiiza today! Trust me on this one.

falldowndeluxe3 falldowndeluxe1 falldowndeluxe2


Free The Network from PixelBlimp

Free The Network from PixelBlimp is without a doubt one of the most challenging endless runners you’ll find for your mobile device. You need to move your white ball through the game’s vibrantly colorful world while avoiding any obstacles that get in your way. Easy, right? Nope! As you progress from one zone to the next the challenge increases greatly and you’ll have to focus extra hard if you hope to do well. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboard? Find out by downloading Free The Network for free from Google Play.

freethenetwork1 freethenetwork2 freethenetwork3


Fruity Bat from Nick Tikhonov

Fruity Bat is a great new Helicopter game that features one of the most charming retro art styles I have seen to date. Your goal is as you’d expect from a Helicopter game: survive for as long as possible by avoiding the obstacles you face within the endless cave. You gain score by simply staying alive but you’ll get bonus points for each piece of fruit you collect too. How far do you think you can survive? Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the global leaderboards? Download Fruity Bat for free today and find out for yourself!

fruitybat1 fruitybat2


Hexagony from Applaud

Hexagony is a fast-paced reaction-based endless maze game that falls in the same vein as games like Super Hexagon. Hexagony takes that concept and becomes it’s opposite. In Super Hexagon you were dodging walls that closed in on you but in Hexagony you’ll be avoiding walls that come out at you from the center of the screen. You’ll rotate the pointer either clockwise or counter-clockwise by tapping on either side of the game screen. It’s a very simple concept that is sure to be just as addictive as it is infuriating. In addition to the gameplay Hexagony also features leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Game Services.

If you’re a fan of Super Hexagon you’ll instantly fall in love with Hexagony.

hexagony1 hexagony2


Kawaii Killer from Tabemasu Games

Kawaii Killer from Tabemasu Games is most easily described as a mash-up of Happy Tree Friends and Fruit Ninja – but it’s so much more than that. You take control of a young trapper named Davy. It is Davy’s livelihood to kill as many of the forest’s cute critters as he can. Sure they look all cute and innocent on the outside but deep down inside these critters are actually bloodthirsty carnivores that are hellbent on murdering every human they lay eyes on!

So Kawaii Killer is most easily compaired to Fruit Ninja in the gameplay department. There are some obvious similarities here but in all actuality Kawaii Killer’s gameplay features a whole lot more depth. For example each critter type requires a different method to be killed successfully: the fox can be disposed of with a simple tap, the rabbit needs to be sliced in half, and the frog needs to be torn apart with two fingers!

Kawaii Killer features 14 different animals, several different game modes, 36 challenges to master, a whole whack of badges to unlock, and full Google Play Game Services integration. Additionally Kawaii Killer is completely IAP-free.

If you’ve been looking for something a bit different (or a bit morbid) you owe it to yourself to check out Kawaii Killer today!

kawaiikiller1 kawaiikiller2


Marsh Fellows from Magic Squid

Marsh Fellows is an addictive vertical-platformer (of sorts) that reminds me quite a bit of Doodle Jump. However, in Marsh Fellows there is no jumping to do what-so-ever. Rather than jumping from platform to platform you’ll be tossing a marshmallow as high as you can by passing it between rotating grabby arms. Successfully toss the marshmallow from grabby arm to grabby arm to increase your score and hopefully climb the ranks in the game’s global leaderboards.

Marsh Fellows is without a doubt the most realistic marshmallow simulator released to date. Download it today from Google Play for the shockingly low price of free!

marshfellows1 marshfellows2 marshfellows3


Millennium Driver from 7skygames

Millennium Driver is a fast paced Flappy Bird / vertical dodge-em-up arcade game that is all about dodging cars and other obstacles for as long as you possibly can. You move upward while obstacles come at you in three lanes. To dodge these obstacles you must tap the left or right side of your devices screen to switch lanes. It’s a simple concept but the game’s stellar art design and addictive gameplay make it a game you can’t afford to miss. Download it today for free from Google Play!

millenniumdriver1 millenniumdriver2 millenniumdriver3


Monquest from Extiward

Monquest is a simple rogue-like dungeon crawler that follows the story of a lone hero that has been imprisoned in a deep dungeon by an evil wizard. You must try to make your way to the surface by collecting loot and battling baddies using the game’s strategic combat system. Monquest is a rogue-like that not only looks good but is also a real blast to play!

Monquest is a fantastic rogue-like dungeon crawler that is a must-play for fans of the genre. It’s free to download and definitely worth checking out. Trust me.

monquest1 monquest2


No Brakes from Totebo

No Brakes is an extremely addictive minimalistic racing game where your goal is to simply go FAST! Using the game’s simple controls you will try to direct your character around a simple race track while attempting to maintain a smooth path. As you move around the course you’ll constantly increase your speed up until you eventually hit a wall.

How fast do you think you’ll be able to go? Are you fast enough to get to the top of the global leaderboards? Find out by downloading No Brakes from Totebo for free from Google Play!

nobrakes1 nobrakes2 nobrakes3


One Sword from MyBlueCorners

One Sword is a clever endless runner/ one-button sword battling game that is unlike anything you’ve likely seen before. Your goal is to fight to stay alive for as long as possible by slashing up any enemies that get in your way. You’ll need to charge and release your sword with expert timing in order to quickly dispatch the 8-bit enemies you encounter. It is an interesting concept that is presented entirely ad-free. If you’re looking for a free game that is a little bit different you really should check out One Sword today.

onesword1 onesword2


Parkageddon from Devious Gents Studios

Parkageddon is an arcade game that puts you in the shoes of an old Granny that has gone to the park to feed some friendly animals. Unfortunately the animals at this city park are a little (actually a lot!) more aggressive than she ever could have expected. Using your lighting fast Granny reflexes you must toss food at these little critters to keep them at bay – or they might just decided to feed on you! This truly is a Parkageddon!

parkageddon1 parkageddon2


Retro Runner Ninja from stupidgizmo

When it comes to unique retro style games on Android no one does it quite like indie developer stupidgizmo, the studio behind such gems as Winds Of Destiny and Crusader Elite. While their previous games have largely been RPGish in nature the studio has switched things up this time around but still kept their iconic 8-bit art style with the addicting new action side scroller Retro Runner Ninja.

Take equal parts Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, and endless runner then mix them around with a good old fashioned judo chop and you’ll have some idea of the awesomeness that is Retro Runner Ninja. You can pick it up now for a dollar, so what are you waiting for? Download Retro Runner Ninja today!

retrorunnerninja2 retrorunnerninja233


Space Strafer from Southern Studios

Space Strafer is easily one of, if not the best game that I have played all week. You take control of a space ship that has a malfunctioning engine. This malfunction is making your ship constantly veer to the right and to make it go straight or left you must activate the side booster manually. This might not be such a big deal if you weren’t trying to guide yourself safely through a deadly asteroid field!

Your goal here, aside from staying alive for as long as possible, is to collect precious space crystals to aid you in setting a new high score. However, to truly set a new high score you’ll need to make ‘close-calls’ with asteroids. Each close-call increases your score multiplier by 1x… but pulling one off successfully requires less than split second timing. Miss your mark and you’ll end up as just another pile of space scrap.

Space Strafer’s gameplay is hugely addictive, the graphics and sound design are fantastic, and the addition of achievements and global leaderboards through Google Play Game Services give it endless replayability. Best of all Space Strafer is free on Google Play – so download it right now! I give it my highest recommendation.

spacestrafer1 spacestrafer2 spacestrafer3


Spacepants from Boxface Games

Spacepants is a super addictive endless runner arcade game that takes place in a single room. It turns out that a exobioligist has created a pair of Automatic Spacepants that gives users the ability to walk up walls and along ceilings. Seems like a handy enough invention, right? Well… yes, when they’re working properly. Unfortunately there has been a malfunction in the Spacepants and they cannot be stopped! You must help this exobiologist to survive by jumping over and dodging anything that gets in his way. Are you up for the challenge?

Space Pants is a ‘one-more-try’ kind of arcade game that is easy to play but hard to really master. It’ll cost you just $1 on Google Play and it is guaranteed 100% IAP and ad free. Check it out!

spacepants1 spacepants2


Street Crosser from Noobware

Street Crosser is a Frogger-esque game that is all about crossing the street safely. Make it from one end to the other and earn 10 points or help Granny across and earn yourself double that. Just keep building that score and try not to look both ways so you don’t end up as a human pancake! On top of the fun gameplay Street Crosser also sports one of the coolest retro/pixel art styles I have ever seen.

Street Crosser is a free download so be sure to check it out.

streetcrosser1 streetcrosser2 streetcrosser3


Super Pixelander from Doragon Entertainment

Super Pixelander pretty much defines what it means to be a ‘just one more round’ game. It’s concept is quite simple: skillfully fly your space ship through a huge number of crazy hazards as you collect as many gems as you can before your imminent death. The controls in Super Pixelander are a lot of fun and they really add to what makes this game so damn addictive. To turn your craft you tilt your device from side to side and to activate your ships boosters you simply press on the screen. It’s easy to control and easy to get the hang of – but the game is anything but easy! This should come as no real surprise considering the game’s developer also created the truly insane bullet hell shooter Danmaku Unlimited 2!

The aim of the game is collecting precious space gems – a task far more dangerous than you could ever imagine. You’ll have to evade lasers, asteroids, alien attacks, and a whole lot more! It’s all worth it though as you’ll unlock new weapons and hats, and if you’re good enough you might just be able to climb up the global leaderboards as well.

Super Pixelander is one of the best free games available for Android devices. You’d be more than a little silly to not download it right away!

superpixelander1 superpixelander2 superpixelander3


Super Wilmer from Wilmer Studios

Super Wilmer is a unique sidescrolling platformer that is like a mash-up of Super Mario Bros and Angry Birds. Sounds like a stellar concept for a game… and it works really well! One aspect of Super Wilmer that makes it stand out from other platformers is it’s unique controls. To move Wilmer from side to side you use your device’s tilt controls, to make Wilmer jump you simply tap the on-screen button, and to use your bow and arrow you drag and release the attack button. It sounds a bit complicated but after a few short minutes you’ll get the hang of it no problem.

Super Wilmer is made up of dozens of levels that span across three unique game worlds. Along your journey you’ll collect treasure, make use of multiple weapon types, and you’ll defeat loads of baddies too.

Fans of platformers must check out Super Wilmer! It’s a free game that is totally worth the download.

superwilmer1 superwilmer2


Shurican from Snotty Apps

Shurican is a fun new endless style sidescroller from Snotty Apps, the developer behind the addictive 2D runner Crisp Bacon. Shurican is best described as an addicting mashup of Shinobi, Super Meat Boy, and Flappy Bird. You take on the role of a silent ninja assassin that is on a perilous adventure to fight the forces of evil through sustained jumping. Unfortunately for you you have entered the bottomless dungeon that is Obstacle Hell! You will need to dodge a wide array of deadly traps like buzzsaws and spike crushers while avoiding getting chopped into pieces by a smiling demon with an oversized hatchet. Hmm… sounds like a pretty crumby situation to be in if you ask me.

If you like endless style games but are tired of all the simple Flappy Bird clones out there you must give Shurican a spin. It’s addicting merging of old school action with modern design aesthetic make it an absolute MUST PLAY! You can pick it up now for free from Google Play.

shurican3 shurican


Swipe Quest from Evil Indie Games

Swipe Quest is a unique game that meshes RPG mechanics together with grid-based puzzle elements found in games like Threes!, 2048, 1024, etc. You take control of your hero inside of the game’s fantasy world where your goal is to swipe your way around the grid while matching two of the same tile together to merge them into one tile of a higher value. Along the way you’ll also battle monsters, gather treasure, and hopefully one day you’ll even become a truly mighty hero!

Swipe Quest features a very unique style of puzzle-meets-RPG gameplay that shouldn’t be missed out on. The game features a great retro art and sound design, has a wide assortment of heroes to unlock, plenty of monsters to destroy, and there is simply a whole lot of fun to be found in Swipe Quest. Download it from Google Play today for just $1!

swipequest1 swipequest2 swipequest3


Tomato World from Jérémie Klemke

Tomato World is an extremely addictive retro-styled side scrolling platformer that shouldn’t be missed. In Tomato World you are in constant movement and your only job is to jump at the appropriate time to make it to the end of each stage in one piece. This is easier said than done though as jumping from platform to platform can require split second timing and there are a number of enemies and other obstacles that are attempting to bring about your demise.

Tomato World consists of 45 crazy levels that span across 5 different worlds. If you’re a fan of challenging platformers you must download Tomato World. It’s available for free on Google Play.

tomatoworld1 tomatoworld2


World’s Hardest Platformer 2 from Fortune’s Solace

A good majority of todays gamers grew up playing platformers. You probably think you’re pretty good at them by now, right? Find out just how good you are… and just how much patience you have in the new ultra challenging platforming game World’s Hardest Platformer 2! WHP2 will really put your skills to the test across it’s 200 uber difficult levels that mix traditional platforming elements together with all new game mechanics like reverse gravity. Best of all it is all wrapped together in a completely free-to-play package!

If you love platformers and you’re looking for a real challenge you need to download World’s Hardest Platformer 2 today!

WHP2-1 WHP2-2



The Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up is brought to you by the combined Voltron-esque powers of SGD co-editors Craig Forshey and James Maxwell!

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