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Rafting Bears Review

Bears are inherently awesome, as any wildlife documentary or cartoon will demonstrate, so what happens when you put four of them in a raft, give them paddles and send them off down dangerous rapids? More awesomeness, that’s what.


It’s the attention to detail that really makes Rafting Bears stand out, and not just the cute graphics either. Swipe your right thumb to make the right-hand bears paddle and repeat for the left. Rotate the raft by giving one pair of bears more swipes than the other – simplicity itself, until you hit a rock and lose a bear over the side. Then the steering goes completely to pot, as one bear suddenly has to do the work of two… Luckily, your bear overboard can be picked up again by judicious paddling, as long as you get to them before they drown, which is a lot simpler than it sounds.

Along the way, your bears can pick up fish to use as currency between levels to upgrade your furry paddlers’ safety. You can buy stronger boats, better buoyancy aids to survive longer in the water, fishing nets to help you accrue more fish, etc. These are all unlocked when you buy the full game – the free version gives you just the basics to survive, but acts as a great demo.  You do have to log in with G+, even for the demo, but you do get to pit yourself against others in an online leaderboard.


The rapids are filled with rocky hazards which damage your boat and currents that send it spinning off horrifically. The physics of controlling your raft down this nightmare slalom are just perfect. If anyone remembers the old arcade game Toobin’, then you’ll have experienced how it feels to have both your hands working in effortless unison to make pinpoint adjustments. Rafting Bears really gets this.

Overall, Rafting Bears keeps things simple but gets everything right, just as a great indie game should.

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Rafting Bears Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Rafting Bears takes time to master, but really rewards your perseverence. Excellent controls and a cool, neat style make this a stand-out game.


Paw-ticularly Good

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