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Globber’s Escape Review

Robomodo have re-visited a classic with Globber’s Escape, and given a certain dot-munching character a funky new feel.

Yes, Globber’s Escape is heavily influenced by the classic Pac-Man, but that little yellow critter never did his thing with this much style – this is Pac-Man for the ADHD generation, with robot monsters, mad scientists and bantering minions.  It’s all carried off with such a loveable, cartoony feel that you can’t help being a little bit surprised at the actual gameplay, which emulates the panic-filled original perfectly.


Of course, Globber is a different beast, and does things a little differently.  Instead of a static maze of pills, you’re gobbling up ‘Flunkies’ who spawn at intervals en-masse from generators, and instead of avoiding ghosts, it’s crazed mad scientists and their occasional robot security droids.  These are tough mothers, and make Blinky and Co. look like pee-wee league at best…

Naturally, you can turn the tables on the bad guys by powering up with the randomly-appearing Power-Bot.  It’s pretty satisfying to see the once-feared scientists turn into cowering messes as you suddenly go on the offensive, blasting out aggressive mini versions of yourself in a fit of destructive power.  It might not last long, but revenge really is sweet.


Along the way you also collect the odd rare hammer, which you use as ‘continues’ when the accursed scientists have frozen you solid.  You can top these up through an IAP, and you can potentially win them at the end of each play where you’re presented with a fruit-machine style bonus.  Mostly you get bonus points, or just bust out, but you also win the occasional free continue which drops you right back in the game where you left off, which is pretty nice.  You can watch optional adverts to earn more hammers, and making any real money purchase removes the between-level ad too, although these are pretty unobtrusive.

Globber’s Escape really captures the feel of Pac-Man, but brings a wealth of new features and a great new look.

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Globber’s Escape Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Whether you're old enough to remember Pac-Man or not, Globber's Escape is just as addictive and absolutely dripping with bling.


Pac's a lot in.

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