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Faustian Arcade Dodge ‘Em Up Sir DEMON Descends Upon Android

What would you give for the perfect pick up and play mobile arcade game? Although Polish indie developer Mikołaj Bazaczek’s fantastic debut dodge ’em up Sir DEMON isn’t pining for your immortal soul, it is a devilishly punishing exercise in addicting twitch gameplay that brings new meaning to the phrase “bullet hell”. If you thought dodging projectiles in hardcore shooters like Ikaruga was hard, just wait till you get a load of Sir DEMON’s insanely fast paced action where the only way to defeat the forces of hell is by attaining zen-like video game reflexes.

Normally a game that kicks my ass so consistently wouldn’t have a very long shelf life in the ‘ole app drawer but its zany super charged gameplay and refreshing level of polish make Sir DEMON a devious exercise in negative reinforcement that is not to be missed. There are many arcade dodgers out there but rather than rely on some cheap one note gimmick Sir DEMON instead focuses on taking the avoidance genre to its logical over the top extreme and is all the better for it.


The gameplay in Sir DEMON is daftly simple and straightforward yet executed with such a degree of polish that its sheer fluidity of movement is enough to set it apart from its peers on Google Play. Players hold down on the screen to force open Sir DEMON’s gaping jowls so they can see how long they last before they face the wrath of his unholy incisors. There is an extremely fast yet fair rhythm to the gameplay that offers alot of variation thanks to distinctly themed randomly generated levels and a swathe of crazy cool power ups. Spooky old school style graphics and pulse pounding chiptunes help set the atmosphere and go a long way towards giving the game a unique personality while extra touches like dynamic stage design and competitive leaderboards offer tons of replayability.


If you like simple yet immensely addicting arcade games you definitely gotta check out Sir DEMON! It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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