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Finder’s Keep Initial Impressions

An Early Exploration

Finder’s Keep has all the features I hate in an Android game, but it has a certain something that keeps me coming back, dammit.

What we have here is a Rogue-alike with IAP currency, an energy meter that limits your play time and awesome loot hidden in pay-to-open chests. There’s also an interstitial advert between levels, which seems excessive when there’s many options for players to contribute to the devs: so what is it about Finder’s Keep that’s stopped me from immediately uninstalling? The fact is, the core gameplay is actually very good, and the game gods are pretty generous with their gifts – so much so, that I’ve just reached level 12 with no IAPs, representing two two-hour sessions for free, and with no sign of slowing down.


Maybe I’ve been lucky? The loot is alarmingly random, and within the first hour I’d won ‘Legendary’ level equipment, and collected enough booster materials to level up a reasonable weapon into a fearsome top-tier one. The energy meter slowly regenerates and also gets replenished every time you level up, which is often, and at the rate I’m going I can’t see the meter running out for a good few more levels yet.


What I’m saying is that despite my misgivings, there’s quite a lot of game here for free, although long-term, hardcore players will undoubtedly need to open their wallets at some point.

The game itself is as simple as any Rogue-alike out there, but the graphics and interface are rendered in a gorgeous modern take on the fantasy style. It just shows that a good artist can transform the simplest of games into something a bit special.

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Finder’s Keep Initial Impressions JC Richardson


Summary: Ignoring the IAPs as much as possible, this is a great dungeon exploring RPG, and well worth a try for fans of the Rogue genre. Be warned though: if you treat this game as anything but casual, you may well find yourself hitting the dreaded paywall.


A Surprising Find

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