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Stellar Sci-Fi Shooter Space Smuggler Blasts Onto Android

A fun new variable mode arcade shoot ’em up by the innocuous name of Space Smuggler has arrived to put your dogfighting skills to the test with old school shooter action and light-RPG mechanics set against a backdrop of intergalactic intrigue. Created by Nightfall Lands developer Pandula Péter, Space Smuggler delivers engaging mobile friendly shooter gameplay that plays vastly different depending on whether you’re flying around in space blasting away at pirates or infiltrating a top secret covert ops facility with nothing but your unstoppable gut. As players embark on an epic journey around the galaxy they’ll run into all sorts of trouble, the kind of trouble that can only be solved by a healthy dose of laser fire!

spacesmuggler2 spacesmuggler2344

Space Smuggler is a game that spans entire star systems so you’ll spend plenty of time cruising the hyperlanes of space in between combat missions on planets. When piloting the star ship Space Smuggler takes on more of a classic Galaga kind of vibe as players must shoot down enemy ships while dodging deadly errant asteroids and stocking up on ammo. Once players start a land based level the game switches gears and changes into a side scrolling platform shooter with a radically different play style. Both modes incorporate intuitive touch-centric control mechanics specific to their sub-genre.


If you grew up on old school sci-fi computer games you’ll dig what Space Smuggler’s packing. It’s available now on Google Play for free.

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