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Gorgeous New Puzzler Fluff Eaters Bounces onto Google Play

Fluff Eaters is a unique and and incredibly beautiful new level-based puzzle game from the Venezuelan indie developer Fiery Squirrel. To start off: no, Fluff Eaters is not a game about eating the delicious marshmallow spread ‘Fluff’. Instead it is a unique puzzle game that tells the story of a purple cat named Bouncy whose most prized possession, his ultra comfy bed, has been ruined by dirty little dust balls known as ‘Fluffs’. Bouncy is definitely not impressed by this and has since vowed to hunt down and destroy each and every Fluff that he lays eyes on!


The gameplay in Fluff Eaters reminds me a whole lot of the old sidewalk game ‘Jacks’. In Jacks your goal was to bounce a ball on the ground, grab as many Jacks as you could while the ball was in the air, and then catch the ball before it was able to bounce a second time. In Fluff Eaters instead of a ball you’ll be bouncing Bouncy off the ground and and instead of picking up Jacks you’ll be tapping on as many of the evil Fluffs as you can before Bouncy bounces a second time. To make things trickier you’ll also have to content with special level elements like spikes, cannons, swings, platforms, wheels, and more! I have not seen this gameplay formula used since the original ‘Jacks’ and I have to say that it works well, in fact, it works really well!  Most importantly it’s a whole lot of fun!


Aside from it’s unique gameplay style Fluff Eaters also stands out as something special thanks to it’s beautifully hand-drawn art style. The game has actually been inspired by real-life locations in Venezuela, and every visual aspect of the game is vibrant, colourful, and features a huge amount of charm that if often lacking in mobile puzzle games. Seeing everything in action is quite a treat and you can tell that this dev put a lot of time into this game.



  • A purple cat with bouncing abilities.
  • 8 types of Fluff with unique techniques.
  • Beautiful graphics inspired by real world environments.
  • A package of 96 different levels of fun.
  • Many map elements that add a special touch of wonder to the story.
  • Unusual game based on bouncing, touching and a lot of cuteness.


Fluff Eaters is an incredibly unique puzzler that shouldn’t be passed up on. The full version can be yours for just $1 but if you’re still not entirely sold there’s a free demo available too. If you’re a fan of puzzle games I highly recommend bouncing on over to Google Play and downloading Fluff Eaters today!

Developer Website: Fiery Squirrel

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