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Bug Heroes 2 Review

Bug Heroes 2 gets in your eyes and ears and lays its eggs in your brain, which hatch out into a crawling, hissing mass of fun. Okay, no more insect metaphors.

Part MOBA, part active tower defence, this game runs the risk of spreading itself a little thin, but actually manages to acquit itself in grand style. On first play you’re given two random critters to form a team with, you put them into battle, level them up and equip them with increasingly psychotic weapons as they take on hordes of enemy bugs intent on raiding your food supplies.


The actual online battle arena is beautifully designed, well balanced and also features a single player campaign which works offline, of all things. Yes, I couldn’t believe it either. Everything is vibrant and comical in the world of bugs, who are also brilliantly voiced by the way. This game actually wants you to have fun and doles it out in generous portions to the needy. New characters get unlocked periodically through routine play, and you’re awarded a modicum of currency for every battle, which is nice.

The online arena play is good, but personally I found the tower defence campaign even more rewarding. It’s just you, lots of turrets and a whole bunch of enemies who want to eat your food. The upgradeable gun turrets, whilst useful in the arena, are your main defence here and cut into the waves of enemies in a highly satisfying green bloodbath. You don’t get to use your two main bugs unfortunately, but your ‘loaner’ bug levels up quickly and he’s soon kicking ass with the best of them.


Earning gold, stars and diamonds through online play or single, allows you to unlock bigger, badder bugs and nastier upgrades for them, and of course this is where you get to spend your hard earned money on IAP’s. The basic payment is $1 / 60p for 150 diamonds, and bigger purchases are available. This gets you some low-level upgrades, but it won’t go far when you’re up against fatter-walleted players online. Bear in mind this is a $2 / £1.20 game, so many of you will find the economics a little distasteful.  Just saying.

In all fairness, I haven’t spent anything on IAP’s and I’m still thoroughly enjoying Bug Heroes 2. The single player campaign is challenging and a great way to practice before online players tear you a new one. The tower defence play is great fun, and there are one-off skirmishes and an endless mode too. There’s a lot of game for a reasonable price, essentially, and although you’ll need a high powered tablet to run it, Bug Heroes 2 has a lot to keep you entertained.

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Bug Heroes 2 Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: IAPs in a paid game will always put some people off, but Bug Heroes 2 still gives you hours of fun for the cover price. Its big, bold, funny and genuinely challenging.


Enjoy it down to the roach

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