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Epic Action Sequel Super Heavy Sword Swings Onto Android

In case you couldn’t tell, here at SGD we’re big fans of the word ‘super’. This simple adjective evokes the feeling of wonder we all felt when booting up games like Super Mario World for the first time, and to this day still stands as the perfect moniker to describe any game that dares to be something more than its video game peers. If a game is calling itself ‘super’, you know it means business. So when one of 2013’s best Android sidescrollers gets pumped up with a pixelated steroid infused sequel that takes the original’s Mario meets Zelda design to awesome new extremes, super seems like exactly the right thing to call it.

Say hello to Super Heavy Sword, the ambitious followup to indie developer Monster Robot Studios’ epic action adventure game Heavy Sword. Like a lost gem for the SNES that has just now been unearthed from some mad collectors vault, Super Heavy Sword is a retro style sidescroller that marries platforming and fighting in a sardonic tongue-in-cheek fashion. As either an intrepid hero or fearless princess players must venture forth into a massive 64 level world filled with more power ups, secrets, and orcs than you could shake a koopa at!

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For those players coming from the original Heavy Sword, you’ll be pleased to know that Super Heavy Sword ups the ante in nearly every way. The graphics are better, the gameplay is tighter, and there’s just more in general to see and do this time around. With all that Super Heavy Sword has to offer it is sure to be a indie hit!


If you like old school sidescrollers like on the good old days of the SNES, you’ll definitely want to check out Super Heavy Sword. It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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