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Kick the Critter – Smash Him! Review

Like some malarial fever dream, Vasco’s Kick the Critter might not make a whole lot of sense, but it certainly keeps you entertained.

This particular Critter is having a bad day, and it’s the worst day possible to be having it. Noah has built his Ark, the rain is starting to fall and all the creatures of the earth are jockeying for position to find a safe spot on the boat. Not Critter though. He’s been banished by Noah (who’s apparently kind of an asshat) and has to find an alternate route to safety in the form of a giant mechanical boot.


Tapping at the right time to set the boot’s power and trajectory, you hoof Critter up the anus and send him hurtling through the air towards the Ark – a brilliant plan! Along the way you give further taps to make critter lunge and bounce off bats, bushes and other odd-looking bits of wildlife, occasionally ricocheting off the ground or into the blobby Blobert until you grind to a halt. Sometimes you hit an ally like a friendly swarm of bats or, erm, giant robot mechs who give you massive boosts forward like the good pals they are. I do not remember this from Bible class, but in fairness I was more interested in video games at the time.


Collecting currency on the journey allows you to upgrade your booting apparatus over time and even upgrade from a boot to a battery-powered ram’s head and other contrivances. Swanky! You also generate stars as you level up Critter, which upgrades your allies like making bats more bouncy and blobs less sticky. A  £2 / $3.40 IAP removes the ads from the game (which are unobtrusive) and simultaneously buys you a whopping stash of game money – enough for a major upgrading of your boot, and you can also buy a permanent gains-doubler IAP for the same price.  All unnecessary, but present if you’re feeling lazy or just generous.

Kick the Critter has that ‘one more go’ factor that every indie game strives for, but few achieve. Plays are quick with little delay in between tries, and everything is so happy and vibrant in Critter world that it’s hard to find fault in this great little game.

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Kick the Critter – Smash Him! Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Kick the Critter is funny, colurful and highly addictive - an excellent combination for any game to strive for. Combined with a non-aggressive IAP system, a lot of developers could learn from this little guy.


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