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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #53

Welcome to the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have a way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new puzzler, an epic RPG, or just a good old fashioned side scrolling platformer SGD has got you covered so check out all 23 of the awesome new indie Android games we’ve hand picked for you below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page for the whole week as well!


21 Dice from BitStern

21 Dice is a unique and incredibly addictive action puzzler that puts a fun new twist on the classic card game Blackjack. Your goal is quite simple: make 21’s by adding together the dice you are given. You’ll be able to place these dice in one of four slots – three are used for making 21’s and one is for holding a dice for later use. Just try to make as many 21’s as you can without busting. Do you think you can do it?

21 Dice is a fantastic new card game/puzzler that shouldn’t be passed up. Download it today for free from Google Play!



ANKI from w-krupinski

This colorful new sidescrolling puzzle platformer from indie artist Wojciech Krupinski takes the oldschool style gameplay of Super Meat Boy and mashes it together with a strange psychedelic form of Tetris in order to deliver a surreal gaming experience. Whereas most platformers simply require players to make it from one end of the level to the other, Anki adds in a bit more challenge through the use of different colored gems scattered about the environment that all have various effects on the stage’s physical layout. Who says games can’t be art?



Apache Gunner from Darie Productions

Nowadays it seems like you can’t man the machine guns on a helicopter in a video game without a few thousand zombies showing up. That’s why indie developer Darie Productions’ new military sim Apache Gunner is so refreshing, it leans more towards the realistic side of things with fun arcade shoot ’em up action. As the gunner of the legendary Apache attack helicopter it’s up to players to take out enemy commandos and terrorists in a series of balls to the wall night missions. If you prefer your shoot ’em ups to be zombie free be sure to give Apache Gunner a spin.

apachegunner apachegunner2


Boss Wave from ElectroWolff Games

A lovingly crafted homage to days gone by when consoles like the Sega Genesis were king, Boss Wave is a tongue in cheek salute to everything that made old school action shooters great. Created by indie developer ElectroWolff Games, Boss Wave puts players in the shoes of an everyday person just minding their own business…….but then gives them a badass mecha suit so they can fight back an alien invasion with a hailstorm of bullets. With over 15 challenging levels, 4 unique mini-games within the game, and a ton of extra touches like an “E-Swat” style upgrade system there is alot for old school gaming enthusiasts to love about Boss Wave.

bosswave1 bosswave2


Bronko Blue, the kitten copter from bytecombo

Tired of the overly simplistic approach mobile games tend to take with sidescrollers nowadays? Feast your eyes on Bronko Blue, a stylistic new physics sidescroller that blends together the atmospheric action of Limbo with the one touch gameplay of Jetpack Joyride. Players must help a forgetful feline fetch his fur in an epic addicting adventure that spans the four seasons. It’s also a regular one time purchase game with no iap’s so make sure you check Bronko Blue out!

bronko1 bronko2


Bug Raiders from Tibor Fobel

The developer behind the out of this world arcade zapper Real UFO Simulator Tibor Fobel is back with yet another addicting new action arcade game called Bug Raiders. It’s up to players to defend a helpless flower from being eaten by a horde of hungry insects, and the only way to do that is to make them go squish. All manner of different bug will attempt to take a nibble at the flora, so you’ll need to be quick and smash those creepy crawlies like you’ve never smashed before!



Crazy Cupcakes from HEAT9

On first glance, you’d think Crazy Cupcakes was a Flappy Bird clone…..and you’d be right. So why are we including this pastrified descent into madness on the list? Simple, this ain’t you’re grand-pappies Flappy Bird clone. Crazy Cupcakes takes the tap to jump genre to the torture chamber with devious gameplay twists that will leave you begging for mercy. This time around obstacles will move on their own, spike traps will appear out of nowhere, and an evil cupcake made out of poo will stop an nothing to prevent you from achieving the high score. There are a ton of extra skins and medals to unlock too so Crazy Cupcake should keep you flapping for quite some time.



Dawn of the Plow from Dan Fitzgerald

Those gamers that have been following SGD for a while, or indie-made games in general, will probably be a bit confused as to why Dawn of the Plow is on the Round-Up yet again. Yes yes, it has been out for a few months now but the games developer Dan Fitzgerald has released a huge update that not only features a few new gameplay tweaks, but more importantly introduces an all new game mode called “Attack of the Snowmobiles”.

Summer is always a rather slow time for snow plowers… until now! Evil snow spewing cars have descended on your peaceful town and it’s up to you to destroy them before they escape!

If you already own the original Dawn of the Plow you’ll be happy to know that the new Attack of the Snowmobiles is available to you as a totally free update. If for some reason you haven’t checked out this unique arcade game yet there’s no better time to buy than now thanks to it’s Out of Season Sale! The game will be 50% off from July 31 to August 6 – so act fast!

dawnoftheplow    dawnofthelpow2


Dragon’s Dungeon from Lunar Pixel

Whereas old school rogue-like RPGs were essentially virtual representations of classic board games like Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon’s Dungeon IS a virtual representation of the iconic pen and paper genre albeit distilled down into an addicting mobile friendly form. Here the action is greatly sped up as all players have to do to make the proverbial dice roll is tap a button which makes things much more dynamic. After picking from one of 6 different classes players head off to explore randomly generated dungeons filled with both powerful new weapons and treacherous enemies who lurk in the shadows. Rogue-like aficionado’s will definitely want to give Dragon’s Dungeon a roll of the dice.



Eat The RUDE from psyCODE

Ever wish there was a game that let you play as Hannibal Lector? Yeah, me neither. Yet that’s the premise behind the delightfully glib new arcade game Eat The RUDE from indie developer psyCODE. Aside from its macabre scenery Eat The RUDE is a simple but fun action game that has players trying to beat the clock by tapping to devour the poor saps on screen. Make sure you only eat people who are rude and nasty though, if you DO accidentally consume the brains of a polite person you’ll see your cannibal life bar go down. And no one wants that.



Fat Dragons from Nostatic Software

Indie developer Nostatic Software, the studio behind the acclaimed Quiet Please! series of adventure games, has apparently decided to take a break from all the brain bending puzzles with its new action arcade game Fat Dragons. This old school style platformer plays alot like Joust but adapted for mobile gameplay as the object of the game is to stomp on the heads of enemies before they do the same to you. The action is simple yet intense and will appeal to those who still yearn for the golden age of arcade games.

fatdragons1 fatdragons2


Finn Folktales Giant Rush from GamesApptually

From the same team that brought you Finn Folktales comes a brand new spinoff in the Northern Irish franchise called Finn Folktales Giant Rush that infuses the Temple Run formula with much needed verticality and an epic sense of adventure. As the indomitable hero Finn Mc Cool players will leap, dash, and slide their way into legend all across the coast of Ireland but watch out as his arch nemesis Benandonner is hot on his tail! A vibrant action runner with fast paced gameplay and an authentic sense of style, Finn Folktales Giant Rush is one of the better endless games around.



Game about Squares from «1two3»

Game about Squares is, well, a game about squares. Surprise surprise! Okay, seriously though, Game about Squares is a logic puzzler. Your goal: move the colored squares across the game board to a circle of the same color. The squares will only move in one direction (unless you find a direction-changing switch) and you must push other blocks in order to get them home successfully. It’s tougher than it sounds and it’s addictive as heck!

Game about Squares is a free minimalistic logic puzzler that shouldn’t be skipped out on. Download it today!



Go Go Armadillo from MojoBox Games

Go Go Armadillo is a fantastic new puzzle-adventure game that’ll have you rolling an armadillo around hand-crafted puzzle-like stages while smashing your foes and saving your babies. You do this using the game’s simple touch controls – just pull back, aim, and fire. It’s easy to get the hang of, but once you delve deeper into the game you’ll be thrown challenging new elements to contend with like rivers, wind, sand pits, ice blocks and moving walls. It’s all quite challenging and very very addictive!

Go Go Armadillo features more than just fun gameplay though. The game features a truly beautiful 2D hand-painted art style, over 90 puzzles to solve, and a whole lot more. It’s a free download on Google Play so roll on over and give it a download today!



Grumpy Gorilla from Fancy Turnip

Timberman-esque games have recently become all rage. It’s completely understandable though – this genre is ridiculously addictive! That said, indie developer Fancy Turnip’s new release Grumpy Gorilla is without a doubt one of the best games to be released in this genre to date.

Grumpy Gorilla has just woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I know all about this feeling, but I can’t say I’ve ever taken it as hard as this guy though! He’s set to take out his frustration on the Empire Block Building – but it wont go down without a fight. Grumpy Gorilla is going to have to watch out for attacks from flag poles, fire escapes, and and even gargoyles!

If you’re looking for another fun Timberman-esque reflex-based arcade game you can’t do much better than Grumpy Gorilla. Download it today for free from Google Play!



Heavy Devil from 2D Rebel Games

Indie developer 2D Rebel Games’ new action arcade game Heavy Devil pulls inspiration from twitch hits like Super Crate Box and Flappy Bird with its intuitive yet challenging game design that offers more than meets than eye. Players control a devil like creature who has caught the eye of abduction happy extra terrestrials, fortunately for our hellish protagonist he’s a bit too overweight for the aliens’ tractor beam as long as he keeps moving. Tapping the screen will keep him jumping through the air but it won’t be so easy since there’s all sorts of nasty traps and enemies trying to take your bedeviled avatar down.



Kapsula from Beavl Games

Faif developer Beavl Games is back with a highly stylized new racer that makes clever use of puzzle elements for its pulse pounding action. Players pilot a unique ship with the ability to clone itself as they race along an endless track that runs the length of a gargantuan soviet space station in order to collect gems and earn the high score. With its head bobbing original soundtrack, engaging gameplay, and mesmerizing graphics Kapsula is one game you should download right away!

kapsula1 kapsula2


Kick the Critter – Smash Him! from Vasco Games

Like some malarial fever dream, Vasco’s Kick the Critter might not make a whole lot of sense, but it certainly keeps you entertained. This particular Critter is having a bad day, and it’s the worst day possible to be having it. Noah has built his Ark, the rain is starting to fall and all the creatures of the earth are jockeying for position to find a safe spot on the boat. Not Critter though. He’s been banished by Noah (who’s apparently kind of an asshat) and has to find an alternate route to safety in the form of a giant mechanical boot.

For a more in depth look at this game check out JC Richardson’s full review: Kick the Critter – Smash Him! Review

KtC1 KtC2


Pinta Loves Balloons from Wasdless Games

From the maker of Poker’s Eyes comes Pinta Loves Balloons, an interesting new puzzler that puts you in the shoes… err… wings of Pinta the Pelican. It turns out that Pinta simply loves balloons and he will do anything to get them – even if it means putting up with pesky sling-shot firing brats!

Using some light strategy elements you’ll fly Pinta around the game board with the goal of avoiding deadly crosshairs while collecting power-ups and balloons.  You are scored by how many balloons you collect, so if you hope to land on the global leaderboards you’ll need to avoid the crosshairs at all costs!

Pinta Loves Balloons is a unique puzzler with light strategy elements, some fresh retro-themed graphics and sound design, plus it’s addictive as heck! Best of all it’s free so head over to Google Play and download this gem today!



Shapik: The Quest from Paul Podberezko

This gorgeous new adventure game takes players on a mind bending journey through a surreal world in search of the protagonist’s lost sister. Part Oddworld, part Machinarium, Shapik: The Quest tells a bizarrely enchanting tale through its vibrant visual presentation and incorporates old school adventure gameplay like what you’d find in King’s Quest. One things for sure, Shapik: The Quest is one heck of a good looking game.

shapik1 shapik2


StarMuncher from Bor Koek

Follow The Line developer Bor Koek is back with a spiritual followup called StarMuncher that keeps the addicting finger gameplay intact while shifting focus slightly to give the proceedings more of a combo centric feel. Players must guide their finger across a never ending asteroid field as they collect stars without ever lifting off the screen or getting smashed into smithereens by the many floating space rocks that impede your movement. While the concept behind StarMuncher itself is fairly straightforward the action can get quite intense thanks to its combo based gameplay and ultra smooth physics.



Traps & Cat from Phoneix

Have you heard of the infuriating platformer Cat Mario? If so, you’ll know what’s in store for you in Traps & Cat. If you are unfamiliar I highly recommend heading over to Youtube and checking out some of the hilarious videos people have made of them playing this brutally unforgiving game.

Now that we’re all on the same page, Traps & Cat is a platformer in the same vein as Cat Mario. Traps are hidden in the most unlikely spots – and you are going to die A LOT! It is a game that is sure to test your patience more than a little bit.

If you are up for a ridiculous and infuriating challenge you really need to check out Traps & Cat. It’s a free download so be sure to check it out.

TandC1 TandC2


Twinbots from M10 Games

This fantastic new hardcore platformer from indie developer M10 Games mashes together Super Meat Boy style sidescrolling with mind boggling puzzle design in a novel spin platform genre lovers will eat up. Twinbots’ many spike filled levels are dangerous enough as it is, but throw in the fact that players have to control two different characters simultaneously and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands. If you like platformers but are in the mood for something different definitely check out Twinbots!



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