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Devious Dungeon Review

Noodlecake and Ravenous are at it again, this time taking the rogue genre sideways for a spin.

Devious Dungeon belongs to that narrow subset of games which mash up platform action with the painstaking progression of the Rogue-alike: imagine Wayward Souls in Mario Land and you’re some way towards understanding the coolness of this big little game.


Noodlecake love that 8-bit look and the trend happily continues here, with neat pixelated blood-splatter decorating your character’s path through the creature filled dungeon as you seek out the key to the next portal down. Unlike purist Rogue games, D.D. lets you keep the weapons you buy with your acquired gold – and you acquire it everywhere. As with Wayward Souls, pretty much everything in the dungeon is smashable and every enemy drops a little gold on its demise. There are IAP’s available for gold, including a permanent gold-doubler, but as every level is re-playable you can grind away to your heart’s content.


There’s a lush variety of beasts to slay in Devious Dungeons, including slightly mental boss fights, there’s secret rooms containing ancient relics and of course the obligatory item vendor every few levels – everything you’d expect in a modern RPG but with the added fun of leaping over spikes too. And the platform element is just pitch-perfect: accurate, sensitive on-screen buttons giving you a firm sense of control.  Noodlecake have a lot of experience with this malarkey, and it really, really shows.

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Devious Dungeon Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Devious Dungeon's mix of genres has been done before, like in the excellent Swordigo, but Noodlecake's polish makes this a cut above the rest.


Leaping lizards, it's good.

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