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Breakout Platformer Shamy Spirits Bounces Onto Android

With all the platformers and Arkanoid-esque games running about on Android nowadays it’s a wonder no one’s ever gotten the idea to combine these two genres that make up the peanut butter and jelly of old school gaming, which is exactly the same thought indie developer Maciej Golec must have had when he began work on the surreal new sidescrolling video game mashup Shamy Spirits. This atmospheric mobile tuned adventure puts players in the shoes of a plucky shaman charged with the sacred task of guiding wayward souls to the afterlife. It’s not a very cheerful job, but someone’s got to do it so our spiritual protagonist sets forth on his mystical canoe that will take him through 30 highly stylized levels full of danger, excitement, and a distinct lack of in app purchases. That’s right, you won’t have to spend a dime to traverse these waters as Shamy Spirits is completely ad-supported in a thankfully inconspicuous manner that never interferes with the gameplay.


Shamy Spirits combines elements of old school platforming, Breakout, and even a dash of newer physics based titles to create a unique approach to gameplay that is both familiar and new. Like Pong or Breakout players must use their paddle to smack a ball around the level, but it won’t be bricks you’ll be breaking. No, this time around you’ll be harnessing the power of physics in order to break the ethereal cages that have imprisoned a host of lost spirits. It’s not enough to simply free these souls however as they must be carefully directed towards the afterlife at the end of the level whilst avoiding lava and other nasty traps.


Whether you like Breakout style games, platformers, or are just in the mood for something different, be sure to give Shamy Spirits a spin. It’s completely free without so much as a single IAP in sight.

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