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Help Teach Typing In New Twitch Arcade Game Granny Tap

If you were to tell me that one day i’d not only play a game that simulated the jovial experience of teaching ones elderly family members basic computer skills, i’d flat out love it, i’d probably ask you what sanitarium you escaped from so I could tell them to come pick you up. But on the off chance that you weren’t completely insane and just happened to be a time traveler from the future you’d most likely be talking about the eccentric, addicting, and a not-at-all subtle jab at old folks new arcade game Granny Tap. Putting players in the shoes of one unlucky kid trying to help granny type out her very first email, Granny Tap challenges players with brutal one touch gameplay similar to games like Flappy Bird but here it feels much more natural.


As granny’s finger floats back and forth across the keyboard it’s up to players to gently guide her appendage towards the destination key in order to reveal the contents of a mysterious email reserved only for the most highly skilled of players. Unlike Flappy Bird, Granny Tap features dynamic game design that gradually ups the difficulty level and constantly pushes the player to beat their previous high score. Achievements are supported via Google Games and the hidden meaning behind the email will keep you playing for a very long time.


If you’re looking for an addicting twitch arcade game like Flappy Bird only much better, be sure to check out Granny Tap. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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