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Action-RPG Rush To Adventure Enters Open Alpha, Is Awesome

Our newest indie game of the week, Rush To Adventure from independent developer Digital Awakening, is an outstanding old school RPG hybrid that hides surprisingly deep side-scrolling action beneath its unassuming retro veneer. With pixelated graphics becoming the go-to art style of choice for developers both big and small these days your first instinct might be to dismiss Rush To Adventure as just another wannabe in a sea of nostalgia centric cash ins, but you’d be wrong.

This addicting action RPG employs absolutely perfect side-scrolling gameplay reminiscent of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link that when mixed with its Dark Souls style combat system, makes for a sublime gaming experience. You may think i’m being too generous here but trust me, Rush To Adventure is that good and if this small slice of the main experience is any indicator it’s lively to become one of the best action-RPG’s on Android.

rushtoadventure233 rushtoadventure23

While far from finished, Rush To Adventure already shows great promise and is sure to win over many a side-scrolling aficionado. Players take on the role of a nameless hero as he makes his way around a monster infested island finding loot, completing quests, and kicking butt. It’s strictly hard as nails NES style action on offer here, as the core gameplay revolves around punishing sword and shield combat against an army of menacing baddies. Hacking away at monsters with the sword will whittle down their health while strategically timing your strikes will allow you to raise your shield in order to deflect enemy projectiles and errant blows. A variety of special moves are available that help to add alot of depth to the action such as a Zelda-esque charge/dash attack and diving slash. Considering that Rush To Adventure is still in early alpha it’s really impressive and encouraging to see so much thought has gone into the gameplay.


Currently available as a free download on Google Play, OUYA, and PC, Rush To Adventure is a very promising retro action-RPG that should be on every Zelda II fans’ wishlist. A bit of advice though, you’ll want to use a bluetooth controller for this one as the gameplay is intense and doesn’t care if you think it’s being unfair or not.

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