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Bik – A Space Adventure Review

Zotnip’s Bik is jockeying for position amidst a whole pack of point’n’click adventures on Android, but there’s a good reason you should try it out.  Hint: it involves a sandwich.

The devs really take you on a journey with Bik, from toasting marshmallows with your buddies to raiding deep space slaveships and beyond.  The 8-bit style takes you back to the golden age of the genre too, with nods at Space Quest and the like being the order of the day.


However, it would be unkind to call Bik derivative.  Bik forges its own path with a unique sense of humour and genuinely interesting characters, who’s stories gradually intertwine as the game progresses.  As whacky as it gets at times, the puzzles you’re solving are all logical, although the solutions might not get you the result you expect, and this just adds to the whole quirky package.

It’s hard to talk about the plot without giving up the joy of discovery, but Bik’s tale of alien abduction is a fascinating trip, full of suspense and peppered with the occasional bursts of action.  It’s very well balanced in terms of difficulty too, so although some puzzles might take a few attempts, you won’t need to search out a walkthrough any time soon.  The storylines unfold at a pleasingly quick pace, and the devs have been wise enough not to throttle the story with artificial sticking points – I’m looking at you, Broken Sword…


The dialogue is just superb in Bik, which always helps you invest in characters, and the standard is up there with Lucasarts or Sierra’s early efforts.  This is not something I say lightly, having been inititiated into the genre through Day of the Tentacle.

Oh yes, you were wondering about the sandwich?


There, now go make it.

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Bik – A Space Adventure Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: An excellent tribute to pointers and clickers of yore, but Bik has enough of its own personality to stand out as a simply great sci-fi adventure.


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  • Kevin Aaronson

    The music is amazing as well, great review.

  • Huy

    It really is like playing the early Lucas Arts & Sierra classic, its got so much humor & charm, I could believe it was made by ex-developers of those classics. 🙂 I gave it 5 star on the playstore.

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