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Psychedelic New Shooter Neon Caves Arrives Exclusively On OUYA

From the eccentric minds that brought you the breakout 2013 hit Toast Time, indie developer Force Of Habit, comes an insane new spiritual successor that aims to outdo its predecessor in sheer retro-infused craziness alone. Meet Neon Caves, a new OUYA exclusive shoot ’em up that plays like the hyperactive grandchild of Geometry Wars and Ecco The Dolphin. This addicting twin stick shooter takes the tried and true gameplay mechanics established in Toast Time and builds upon them with unique controller based action and a clever new hook. Literally. As a deep-sea explorer whose happened to re-discover an ancient ecosystem that’s been lost for centuries it’s up to players to keep the now collapsing cave from crashing down by shooting hooks in the ground to stabilize the cave-in while surviving a brightly colored onslaught from the variety of bizarre indigenous creatures who’ve just hit the proverbial lunchtime jackpot.

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Neon Caves takes a clever approach to the arcade shooter genre by forcing players to dynamically budget their attention between preventing the destruction of an ancient habitat and avoiding being devoured by its deadly denizens. There’s a good variety of enemies to worry about here too, so surviving this cave-in isn’t going to be some cake walk.


If you’re looking for an awesome new shooter with a killer art style and a bit of depth, you’ll definitely want to check out Neon Caves. It’s available now for $2.99 exclusively on the Android powered OUYA micro-console. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Force Of Habit’s previous arcade masterpiece Toast Time.


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