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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #55

Welcome to a very special Saturday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new puzzler, an epic action-adventure, or just a good old fashioned side scrolling platformer SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie Android games we’ve hand picked for you below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page for the whole week as well!


100 Miles from Durkin & Hutch

In 100 Miles you find yourself in the shoes of a recent prison escapee. Unfortunately for you the escape didn’t go quite as planned and the guards are already hot on your heels – and they are pissed! These guys take their jobs very seriously – and they will do whatever it takes to put you six feet under.

The gameplay in 100 Miles is quite simple – but it’s also a whole lot of fun. Your goal is to run for as long as you can while avoiding the incoming barrage of bullets and taking cover whenever it is available. It’s a fun challenge that is quite unlike anything else on the market.

100 Miles is a totally free game over on Google Play so be sure to download it right away!

100miles1 100miles2


Babylon 2055 Pinball from Shine Research

If you’re a fan of pinball you’d have to be crazy to not check out Babylon 2055 Pinball from Shine Research! The game features 9 different game modes, 7 original tables, a special ‘endless’ table, spot on physics, and to top things off it sports one heck of a stunning art style!

If you’ve been itching for a new pinball game you’ll be hard pressed to find one even half as good as Babylon 2055 Pinball!



Bik – A Space Adventure from Zotnip Games

Bik is a brilliant retro styled point-and-click adventure game that cannot be passed up for any reason. Seriously, go download it right now! It’s on sale for just $0.99 for a limited time, so you really need to get on buying it right away. I’ll wait…

What, you’re still here? You want to know more about what you’re getting into before you buy it? Okay, I guess that’s understandable. Well, Bik is a point-and-click adventure game that you would swear came out during the golden age of point-and-click adventure titles – the 90’s. The story revolves around Bik, a young boy that has been abducted by aliens while off camping in the woods with his friends. He soon teams up with a few friendly alien mercenaries and you, the player, will join them on the comical adventure they have ahead of them.

Bik is a hilarous throwback to old school point-and-click adventures that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s fantastic storyline, awesome pixel-art style, and totally kick ass soundtrack make it a game you wont soon forget. And for a limited time it’s only going to cost you $0.99! Buy it now!

To learn more about Bik be sure to check out JC Richardson’s full review: Bik – A Space Adventure Review

bik1 bik2


Cactus Crisis from Wishes Machine Games

An addicting multi-touch action focused arcade game, Cactus Crisis is about as close as you can get to an Android version of the classic board game Twister. Except this Twister is in space and way more frenetic than its real life counterpart if that’s even possible. Players touch two fingers to the screen at a time in order to control a pair of saucers navigating each level in search of lost alien explorers. Cactus Crisis takes a simple idea based on real life and runs wild with it, resulting in a fun new indie action romp best suited for pick up and play sessions.

cactuscrisis cactuscrisis2


Cellvolution from Bushi Studios

Cellvolution is a fun puzzler that’s about filling the game board by multiplying ‘cells’ in order to create species from several different time periods. By completing a level’s stages you will find out exactly which animal you have been putting together – one cell at a time.

Cellvolution features easy to learn gameplay mechanics, over 40 puzzles to master, online leaderboards to climb, and achievements to unlock too! If you’re a puzzle gamer you should definitely download Cellvolution today.

cellvolution1 cellvolution2


Chaos Ride – Episode 2 from sc0tt games

Indie developer Sc0tt Games’ high octane mobile racer Chaos Ride is back and better than ever with a brand new episode that introduces game-changing features and a much more punishing level of difficulty to the series. As players race down a tube encased racetrack at 600 mph they’ll have to angle their hover-cycle to gain the most speed and win the race. By adding in the 360 degree gameplay twist of being able to angle your momentum the Chaos Ride games have firmly carved out their own place in the racing genre.

chaosridepisode2 chaosridepisode22


Desert Golfing from Captain Games

Desert Golfing is a golfing game that, well, takes place in the desert. It is an interesting enough concept, but what’s more interesting is that comes to us thanks to the brilliant indie developer Captain Games – the devs behind grade-A titles like Realistic Summer Sports, No Brakes Valet, and Envirobear 2010.

If you are a fan of the Super Stickman Golf series you’re definitely going to want to check out Desert Golfing today! It can be yours for just $0.99 on Google Play.

desertgolf1 desertgolf2


Digits from Simple Machine

Digits is a simple new numbers game from Simple Machine that takes a pretty basic concept and turns it into something that is ridiculously fun. Your goal is simple: just clear the game board by decreasing all of the numbers to zero. To do this you’ll tap on a number to decrease it, but doing so will also lower the number of the blocks located around it. To successfully clear numbers off the board they’ll need to be removed in pairs (or more), so make sure to avoid solo blocks at all costs!

Digits is an incredibly addictive new numbers game that sports a beautiful minimalistic art style, some truly amazing music from the artist Mokhov, and most importantly gameplay that is a whole lot of fun. If you’re looking for something to eat away at your free time you can’t do much better than Digits.



Doppler from My Go Studio

Doppler is an addictive new action-reflex game that has been inspired by the classic ‘wire loop game’. You know, those games where you had to slowly guide a metal ring along a twisting wire without the two touching? That wire loop game. However, this most definitely isn’t your father’s wire loop game!

Your goal in Doppler is to maintain the charge of a shining electric wave as it twists and turns all over the place. To maintain this charge you will place one finger on either side of this wave – thus making a connection. However you will lose your connection if you let go, touch the wire, or stray the two orbs too far from one another. You don’t want to go losing your connection now. That would be a silly thing to do.

Doppler is a fun modern spin on the classic ‘wire loop game’ that is endlessly addictive. The game’s fun touch controls, three unique game modes, and both leaderboards and achievements will keep you hooked for a long time to come. You’re not going to want to pass this one up!



Galactic Rush from Simpleton Game

This fantastic new endless runner from indie developer Simpleton Game has addicting gameplay, intuitive mechanics, and a charming art style. Players must run, dash, and jump their way across a hostile alien landscape in search of precious lost lunch meats which of course are needed for the annual galactic convention. Galactic Rush’s mix of dynamic terrain manipulation and quirky characters makes for a memorable challenge players wont soon forget.

galacticrush galacticrush2


Go Postal ! from Doodah Productions

Go Postal is a casual arcade game that’s all about sorting stamps. Your goal is to keep the legitimate stamps while trashing any ruined or counterfeit ones. How will you know it’s a counterfeit stamp? Well you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for any oddities in like added/removed facial hair, faded ink, or crazy additions like headphones or sunglasses!

The gameplay itself couldn’t be more simple. Just swipe left to put the bad stamps in the trash swipe right to hold onto the good ones. You have to be careful though – one little mistake means it’s game over!

Go Postal is a fun casual arcade game that shouldn’t be brushed aside. Download it today for free from Google Play.



Let’s Fall from Let’s Fall Games

There are lots of falling games on Android but most are all but devoid of any personality or replay value. However, a new entry in the genre called Let’s Fall has arrived to introduce a healthy dose of adorable personality and beautiful graphics in the mix. It’s up to players to save a cute kitten from going *squish* in a variety of deadly freefall situations by guiding him through a flurry of oncoming obstacles. There are extra characters and levels to unlock too, so Let’s Fall should keep you at terminal velocity for quite some time.



Peg Monsters from Breadboy Games

Even before the advent of computers and video games in general, people still found ways to amuse themselves with games like the classic wood Peg Solitaire toys of yore. An adorable new puzzler called Peg Monsters from indie studio Breadboy Games is bringing this nostalgic game back in style with brand new teaks and a cutesy facelift. The gameplay is simple, players only need to clear a board of pieces by leapfrogging them over one another, but this quirky new puzzler adds in a ton of new gameplay mechanics not possible on non-computerized platforms.



Perfect Moon from Will Sykes Games

This gorgeous new physics platformer evokes the same feeling of wonder as titles like Limbo or Braid, but with better gameplay. As players make their way through avant garde They Need To Be Fed esque levels they’ll have to make sense of all the mind-bending gravitational conundrums in between admiring the beautiful scenery. If you’re into games with a strong art aesthetic, Perfect Moon is the perfect platformer for you.

perfectmoon perfectmoon2


Rhythm Square from MesmerismJS

I have never really been able to grasp the concept of ‘rhythm‘. Seriously. My attempts to learn how to play instruments have always turned out horribly. Thankfully for me Rhythm Square has managed to make rhythm fun again – even for people as rhythmically challenged as me – and it does so with serious style!

Your goal in Rhythm Square is actually quite simple. Move your square around the screen while checking in at checkpoints. To check in you’ll tap the ‘beat’ button as close to the center of the checkpoints as you can. Your goal is not to surprisingly to build up as high of a score as you can – and doing this is primarily done by hitting the center of the checkpoints. However your score can also be bolstered with the help of five unique power-ups too. You’ve got all the tools you need to set yourself a new high score on the online leaderboards!

Rhythm Square is a fantastic new arcade game that’s a treat for your eyes, ears, and mind.  Download it from Google Play today for the low low price of free!



RPSwipe from Amidos

RPSwipe is a crazy mash-up of Rock, Paper, Scissors and the ever popular Threes/2084 formula that is, simply put, ridiculously addictive and ridiculously awesome! The rules in RPSwipe work as they always have in Rock, Paper, Scissors: Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, and Paper covers Rock. However, as stated above, there are elements of Threes/2084 here too. You’ll swipe your tiles around the board to a higher number of each tile with the end goal being to have the blue tiles beat out the red ones to increase your overall score. It requires a lot more strategy than you might expect, but if you’re up for a bit of a challenge that’s hardly a bad thing.

If you’re a fan of the Threes/2084 formula but you want a bit more of a challenge you absolutely must download RPSwipe right away!

rpswipe1 rpswipe3 rpswipe2


Shamy Spirits from TK Games

Shamy Spirits from TK Games is an incredibly unique mash-up of old school platforming and Breakout, with elements of newer physics based titles for good measure.You take control of a plucky shaman that has been unfortunately charged with the sacred task of guiding wayward souls to the afterlife. Using your mystical canoe like a you’d use a paddle in Breakout you will need to break ethereal cages that have imprisoned lost spirits while also safely directing them towards the afterlife at the end of the level – all while doing your damnedest to avoid lava and other nasty traps.

Shamy Spirits is a unique platformer/Breakout mash-up that shouldn’t be missed out on. Download it from Google Play for the always enticing low price of free!

shamy2 shamy1


Squareland from Walking Thumbs

Squareland is a fun physics based puzzler that follows the adventures of Blu the owl. Blu has been separated from his friends and it’s up to you to help him smash, dodge, and fly through the forest to get back to them safely. You’ll be tasked with a wide variety of physics based puzzles that cover 80 fun levels spanning four colourful worlds.

Squareland is a game that’s fun for gamers of all ages. Download it today!



Stop the Bots from Scary Robot

This addicting arcade puzzler successfully merges the classic Lemmings formula with a sidescrolling platformer aesthetic in order to help to move the action along at a more mobile friendly pace while still keeping a legendary level of challenge. The aim of the game is simple in theory: All players have to do is get object A to point A and so on, but with each advancing level Stop The Bots will begin to test your analytical skills with its increasingly more complex level design. If you like your puzzlers to have more of an action-arcady feel definitely check Stop The Bots out.

stopthebots1 stopthebots2


Sumico from Ludomotion

Sumico is a super addictive new numbers puzzler that I assure you will have you hooked in no time. Your goal is to make sums by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the numbers on the grid – and aiming to hit the target number listed in the upper left corner of the screen. There are plenty of game modes to play through and a tonne of great content to play through – so check it out! Sumico is free so add it to your downloads list today!



Super Space Adventure from Dragan’s Games

You have been flying through the depths of space when suddenly you receive a distress call coming from a nearby planet. What’s a lowly space adventurer to do? Obviously you’re going to check it out!

If you grew up playing the original Metroid games you are going to know exactly what you’re in for in Super Space Adventure. The game was obviously inspired by these classics – and that is definitely not a bad thing. You’ll explore the vast interior of this planet while finding special power-ups and avoiding enemies and other dangers.

Super Space Adventure is a great action adventure title that will certainly instill a feeling of nostalgia in gamers that grew up playing the earlier Metroid titles. If you’re looking for a fun ‘blast-from-the-past’ you MUST download Super Space Adventure right away!

spaceadventure2 spaceadventure1


Warehouse Rush from Azumad

This old school arcade puzzler from indie developer Azumad will put your spatial reasoning skills to the test as you attempt to best its 45 levels of stock sorting madness. Players will pilot a warehouse forklift as they attempt to move an overload of crates in exchange for a buttload of cash. You’ll need to plan ahead and think smart if you want to succeed at this job, so don’t screw it up!

warehouse1 warehouse2


Years In Light from Tonk Games

An arcade remix resembling a cross between Asteroids and Space Invaders, Years In Light builds on a simple yet satisfying foundation for its gameplay. As the pilot of humanity’s last remaining spaceship it’s up to players to see how long they can last against the deadliest rigors the galaxy has to offer such as errant comets and asteroid fields. You’ll have to do more than just avoid them however as each space rock destroyed will add precious fuel to the ships reserves.



ZEZ Rise from Artbit Studios

After wowing gamers over on iOS the quirky action puzzler ZEZ Rise from Shane Reaction: Zombie Dash developer Artbit Studios has finally made its triumphant arrival on the Android platform. Although it sports a wacky premise revolving around a boxing cat uppercutting evil robots, ZEZ Rise is at its heart a hardcore arcade puzzler that evokes memories of games like Dr Mario and the more recent Knightmare Tower. It’s received a ton of praise since its release and rightly so, ZEZ Rise is one of the best puzzlers to come along in quite some time.



Zucken from Hobnail Studios

Throw DDR, Tempest, and Fruit Ninja all together in a blender and you’d get the addicting retro smoothie that is indie developer Hobnail Studios’ debut title Zucken. With its arcade style gameplay and fantastic soundtrack, Zucken is a title every self-respecting retro gamer should check out. Like a shoot ’em up the object of the game is simply to blow up everything you see, except here dispatching oncoming enemies is a little bit more involved and consists of rapidly matching a beam at the bottom of the screen with a continuously evolving list of gesture based movements.



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