Published on August 20th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Pew-Pew To The Beat In Slick New Rhythm Shooter Neonize

There are shoot ’em up games that attempt to shoehorn in virtual controls on a touch screen, and then there are shoot ’em up games that choose to work with the touch screen rather than against it in order to deliver an awesome gaming experience that wouldn’t be possible on any non-touch platform. Indie developer Defenestrate Studios’ addicting new rhythm shooter hybrid Neonize falls into the latter category, delivering the most intriguing shoot ’em up experience on Android since Dropchord. This dazzling arcade style shoot ’em up plays like the classic Simon toy’s cooler older club going brother that’s always got the sickest dance moves and happens to be a huge Japanese shooter fan.


In this awesome new arcade shooter players must blast away at a seemingly never ending army of geometric baddies that are advancing from all directions in step with the beat. Lucky for you music is your ally and as such blasting away at your enemies with smooth style that accentuates the soundtrack will net you huge combos that advance you to the next stage and unlock cool achievements that the more hardcore gamers will want to go after.


If you like shooters that are more than just your average Raiden clone, you gotta check out Neonize. It’s available now in both completely free ad-supported and $1.99 paid flavors.

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