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Light Apprentice Volume 1 Review

Web comic Light Apprentice has emerged onto the Play store, showcasing Igor Noronha’s hand drawn artwork. But how does it fare as a game?

Light Apprentice arrived way back in 2009 bringing us the adventures of Nate, the titular Light Apprentice whose powers have been drained after 300 years in torpor. Along with his buddy Tlob, they must solve the mystery of who stole Nate’s powers and why they’re using them to create monsters. Amazu, via Bulkypix, have sought to blur the lines between games and comics, and the result is kind of patchy…


The story unfolds frame by frame, and Noronha’s artwork is just gorgeous on a larger tablet screen. Not everyone will like the cutesy style, but the story unfolds at a decent pace and every frame is infectiously vibrant and expressive. Playing Light Apprentice involves making choices, Fighting Fantasy style, although there are really only ever two options, and one of those is usually attack. The game also throws in a few point’n’click puzzles, but again these feel a little half-hearted when compared to the genius of Silent Age or the recent Bik.


Progression through the story is hindered by battle sequences, where our two heroes use their limited talents to defeat the usual slimes, etc. The combat is just too simplistic to appeal to serious RPG fans, but it does break up the game by pushing the player into an animated 3D mode where you get to attack, defend and cast spells. Attacking and blocking take the form of a mini-game where you tap to stop a shrinking circle when it hits the optimum spot, but spells are just cast by tapping. Overall, the combat is bland and repetitive, and more often than not unavoidable, despite the developers’ claims.

Light Apprentice, the comic, is star of the show here with its fresh style and modern take on the fantasy genre. Light Apprentice, the game, failed to hold my interest and I can’t help feeling that only hardcore fans of Nate and Tlob will persevere through all four chapters.

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Light Apprentice Volume 1 Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Yes, the artwork is beautiful and there's a great story to discover, but the game elements fail to engage the player with any kind of depth, making this hard to recommend.


Too light to cause a splash.

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