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Hold Onto Your Hats In Eccentric Arcade Stacker Max Gentlemen

From the makers of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut comes a visionary new arcade game…..about hats. Indie developer The Men Who Wear Many Hats is back with its exquisite new tongue-in-cheek action arcade stack ’em up Max Gentlemen, a game about manly man-ness in an etiquette centric world where bears bare fisticuffs. It is in this gentlemenly world that players will be challenged with wearing as many hats as they can at one time while simultaneously dealing with the rigors of being an upstanding gentleman like protecting your fine headwear from being soiled by local avians and drinking a fine pint of Stoudt’s every now and then.

mg1 maxgentlemen2

Max Gentlemen is essentially two games in one with both being equally intriguing. In the first players are challenged with stacking their hats while out driving a motorcar around the countryside. The addicting arcade style gameplay will keep you playing in order to see just how high you can get your stack of manly hats which in turn will unlock nifty new head gear. And in the second VS mode players will go one on one with another gentleman in a contest to see who can drink and stack the best in the middle of an all out bar brawl. This mode is best experienced over local wifi with a friend as the action is very strategic and might just be a more peaceful alternative to dueling with pistols at dawn.


Arcade connoisseurs and manly men will definitely want to check out Max Gentlemen. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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