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Beautiful New Physics Sidescroller Axle Is As Smooth As Clockwork

Side scrolling platformers are awesome, but they’ve traditionally always had some degree of difficulty making the transition over to the touch screen side of gaming. This is usually a result of shoehorning console style controls onto a platform they were never meant to be on, something that the fantastic new physics platformer Axle thankfully sidesteps altogether by smartly implementing an intuitive touch friendly control scheme that in addition to working well is also a core part of the games premise.

The brainchild of indie developer Fallstreak Studios, Axle is a gorgeous new physics based adventure platformer that features the misadventures and mischief of an inquisitive little cog. Combine its addicting gameplay with beautiful hand drawn visuals and an original electro-swing soundtrack and Axle’s got the recipe for one awesome game.

axle axle3

Axle puts a twist on classic platforming by subverting the whole left-to-right affair with a much more imaginative steampunk level design infused with momentum based physics gameplay. As an intrepid young cog who lives in a massive clock shop full of gears and wires players must roll their way around the store fixing the machines as they go. In Axle you play as a cog though so this time around instead of running everywhere you’ll be latching onto the pegs of bigger cogs in order to get around which makes for some interesting platforming situations. The imagination of its design and variety on display in Axle is impressive.


A terrific physics platformer with great gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a catchy original soundtrack, Axle is available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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