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Mesmerizing Arcade Epic Deep Under The Sky Arrives On Android

If you like weird games you’re going to love Deep Under The Sky, indie developer Northway Games’ trippy new arcade physics game that looks like a cross between Super Metroid and Angry Birds on acid. The psychedelic visual nature of Deep Under The Sky’s bizarre romp through a hostile alien world should feel familiar to anyone who’s played its spiritual predecessor Incredipede as it shares some of the same eclectic aesthetics.

As a lone alien jellyfish trying to survive an ocean teeming with life floating in the sky players will have to use their microbial powers to launch themselves into the next level, and into freedom. It wont be easy though as along the way an entire almanac’s worth of hostile alien creatures will look upon a strapping young jellyfish such as yourself as their next meal so you’ll have to move your jelly self on the double if you don’t want to become some space crab’s lunch!

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Underneath all the pomp and circumstance of its jaw dropping graphics and atmospheric audio, Deep Under The Sky is an addicting one touch platformer that experiments with the genre in some clever ways. Across 80 different worlds players will be challenged with mastering slick physics maneuvers in order to survive. There are hidden collectibles strewn throughout each level too and an additional unlockable hard mode awaits the elite players out there.


Jaw droppingly gorgeous, unique, and just plain fun, Deep Under The Sky can be yours now for only $2.99 on Google Play.

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