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Tap If You Want To Live In Scary New Survival Shooter Spooklands

An awesome new one touch touch shooter called Spooklands has arrived on Android and it will mercilessly pummel you with its unrelenting shoot ’em up action while leaving you begging for more. As indie developer Luderia’s marquee title, Spooklands is an addicting arena shooter that looks and plays like a demented monster form of the classic shoot ’em up Super Smash TV.

The gameplay is simple and intuitive while leaving alot of room for depth thanks to the implementation of a reactive move-fire system that has the players character blown back by the force of his gunfire everytime the player taps on an enemy to shoot it. And when the screen starts filling up with hundreds of crazy enemies this simple gameplay mechanic introduces a strategic dynamic to the action that means sometimes its better to run from that oncoming insanely big demon spider than to turn around and throw your shoe at it.

spooklands2 spooklands23

Spooklands is a hardcore horde mode shoot ’em up that is all about seeing how long you can hold out against the neverending army of monsters that want to eat your brains. Tapping on an enemy will result in it being blown into smithereens by your weapon but at the same time it may backfire and push you into the path of another monster creeping up behind you.

To aid you in this fight there are tons of unlockable powerups that serve as rewards for the more skilled players which will come in handy as the enemy waves progress. Three distinctly themed scenarios are on offer here, each with their own unique set of baddies, challenges, and soul crushing boss monsters for players to master.


Spooklands provides some of the best retro horde shooting action on mobile, and it’s available now on Google Play for just $.99.

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    Do you guys ever check permissions before reviewing and recommending a game? This game has more permissions than any game I’ve ever seen. Ridiculous.

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