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Super Renegade Response Review

“Highway to the danger zone”

Indie developer Monster Finger Games’ retro arcade racer Super Renegade Response has finally hit the streets on OUYA, proudly baring its mullet and pixelated graphics with aplomb. This challenging new arcade hybrid plays like a love letter to 80’s gaming along the lines of other recent old school throwbacks like Retro City Rampage. It takes the basic framework of a hard as nails NES title like, say, Spy Hunter and from there begins to inject varied mechanics that mostly revolve around surviving its devilish bullet hell inspired gameplay as the levels progress.

While Super Renegade Response doesn’t necessarily do anything we haven’t seen before it does succeed in recreating those epic Saturday morning battles of attrition between you and your game console. And if you’re the type of gamer who enjoys proving to a ridiculously hard NES action-arcade game how much more superior you are to its feeble attempts at providing a challenge, then Super Renegade Response will be right up your alley.


Players take on the role of Tony Renegade, a smooth talkin’ vice detective with a mullet and an attitude. He may not always play by the rules, but Tony Renegade always gets the job done. Unfortunately it seems the criminals of Miami have noticed this too and while Tony has been busy filing paperwork from his latest bust they’ve been taking the opportunity to go on a crazy city wide crime spree that ranges from deadly shootouts with police to bad Road Warrior cosplay. Needless to say, Tony nearly flips his wig(hey, mullets are hard to grow alright?) upon seeing his beloved city beset by an underworld gone mad and sets off in his souped up pursuit cruiser that may or may not have a wise cracking computer voice to bring peace to the streets by shooting at the bad guys and driving really, really, fast.


Super Renegade Response’s gameplay is an addicting mashup of old school classics such as Spy Hunter, Tunnel games, and shoot ’em ups in general that does a terrific job of passing itself off as something like what you’d expect out of an awesome arcade cabinet from back in the day. After choosing between a simpler and more complex control scheme players take off down a rapidly winding road full of vehicles that want to kill you regardless of whether they’er a criminal or just a bad driver. Fast reflexes are required to navigate these streets and can make dashing over a few lanes to pick up a sorely needed power up the type of gamble that forces split second decision making.

The level design follows a classic arcade aesthetic through and through which does a great deal to help the nostalgia factor when you stop to consider how true to life Super Renegade Response is when compared to classic quarter munchers. As players advance through the games stages they’ll need to pick up racing game style time pick ups that keep the omni-present clock from ticking down to zero and ending the game. In addition to this constant need to outrun the clock Super Renegade Response also throws in hardcore bullet hell shooting action in order to keep players on their toes juggling a competing trio of gameplay mechanics. Each level follows its own overarching theme from a fast paced highway chase to an all out Mad Max esque road battle.


Much like its old school gameplay Super Renegade Response’s graphics fit in perfectly with the retro NES aesthetic it takes after. Animations are simple but functional and actually help to improve the gameplay experience when the action gets intense by making it easier for the player to distinguish between sprites. A synth-tastic soundtrack accompanies the whole affair making Super Renegade Response sound like it was a long lost video game adaptation of a Miami Vice episode.


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Super Renegade Response Review Craig Forshey

Final Verdict

Summary: An unabashed arcade throwback that isn't afraid to throw a little challenge at players, Super Renegade Response does a great job of bringing old school gameplay to OUYA. You can try out the first two levels now for free with the full game unlockable for $2.99.


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