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Fuhrer In LA Review

It’s Springtime for Hitler again with Ankaar’s Fuhrer In LA, and the moustached maniac is crazier than ever…

Thanks to secret Nazi technology Hitler has escaped the Berlin bunker leaving a look-alike in his place to take the bullet but instead of a cushy escape to Brazil, Hitler finds himself in uptown LA and he’s forced to fight his way through hoards of pesky democracy-loving Americans in order to retake his place as supreme overlord. I’m pretty sure this is one of those ‘alternative timeline’ stories, but I’m no historian.


Hitler was a bad guy, to be sure, but controlling him though the increasingly difficult maps is surprisingly great, as he waddles around like a South Park character randomly spouting fascist soundbites in his native German – it’s funnier than it sounds, admittedly. The whole style of the game is strictly B-movie, as the subject matter deserves, but there’s a certain panache here that shows just how much the developers really love Hitler. Wait, that – that came out wrong…

What I mean is that for a one-joke game with kinda-16 bit graphics, the comedy here is genuinely funny. Having put together the pieces of a tank, Hitler rampages through LA blowing up cop cars, which is comedy gold and I can’t think of a sillier protagonist for scenes like this. Well, maybe Mel Gibson.


The levels do vary in quality, but this is mostly down to the dubious controls. On foot, Hitler moves around fine, even during the stealthier parts. Stick him behind the controls of a vehicle and things start to get very tricky indeed. Luckily, all nine levels are unlocked from the beginning so you could skip the more frustrating parts if you’re just not master race material.

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Fuhrer In LA Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: There's enough comedy in Fuhrer in LA to make it well worth the admission price, despite some ropey controls. It won't last a thousand years, but you'll want to see it through to bitter end.


Achtung Baby!

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